Startech Markenwelt brand shop. is your Bechtle partner for everything around connecting IT products. Together, Bechtle and help you meet the challenges of searching for, selecting and linking up suitable products. Bechtle’s comprehensive portfolio covers everything from procurement and availability to consultation and delivery.


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Product availability.

Thanks to the global distribution network and Bechtle, you get the products you want, whenever and wherever you need them.

ConXit connection assistant

Makes finding the right components as easy as pie.

Product information.

Thanks to user friendly documentation and resources available online, using products is child’s play, while reliability and performance are maximised through innovative design.

Technical support. is always on hand to answer your questions. Talk to a consultant.



Product portfolio.

Product range. Workstation accessories.

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Conference room accessories.

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Mobility accessories.

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Back office accessories.

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Three reasons to buy a universal dock.


Why choose docking stations.


The benefits of monitor, TV and tablet mounts.


Manage and expand your network.


Connect any device to any screen.


SFP transceivers and DC cables.


Thunderbolt 3: Powerful, portable, practical.


Experience USB-C performance.