Christian Malzacher

What is digital workplace sovereignty by Bechtle?

Unlike proprietary software, our digital sovereignty offering centres on open-source solutions that are fully transparent to the developer community who can quickly identify and remedy potential vulnerabilities or data leaks. This is something that public-sector organisations and private enterprises are increasingly interested in. In a nutshell, what we offer is an independent, highly resilient, added-value all-in-one solution

What are the benefits of this concept?

It puts data ownership and the protection of sensitive information front and centre. In addition, digital sovereignty can reduce dependencies on individual solution providers, also known as vendor lock-in, and help organisations comply with legal requirements such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Visibility into the source code allows independent experts to see how a piece of software handles data, whether it complies with established security standards, or if there are signs of vulnerabilities. When customers choose to go sovereign, we can replace individual or isolated solutions, or integrate them into an all new environment. Plus, open-source products have the added benefit of extremely fast development cycles.

Digital workplace sovereignty is an addition to our modern workplace offering

Christian Malzacher

What makes up a sovereign workplace?

Everything that’s part and parcel of modern working. Chat, video and other collaboration solutions, groupware such as e-mail and calendars, document management, but also things like project management en route to digital sovereignty. Our goal is an integrated end-to-end solution, precisely the opposite of individual departments using their insular apps.

How do you implement digital workplace sovereignty?

To start with, we need to answer one question: How will people in the organisation (want to) work in the future? Based on the existing infrastructure and needs, our IT business architects, consultants and the many specialised Bechtle Group units will then develop a target scenario and design suitable solutions. We help our customers achieve an integrated and secure solution, and support them along their transformation with professional change management and tailored user training so they can get the best out of their new technology. And if required, we can, of course, continue to manage the systems and services for them. In short, when customers are looking to achieve digital workplace sovereignty, we are their single source for products, system integration, and all other related services.