True to the motto “Industrial Solutions – Made in Apen”, AMF-Bruns develops and manufactures conveying and bulk materials handling systems tailored to its customers’ needs and offers construction, manufacture, assembly, commissioning, maintenance and repair services. In its other business segment, AMF-Bruns produces innovative mobility solutions for people with disabilities, carries out vehicle conversions and offers products including wheelchair lifts, ramps and raised access floors. A large amount of data is generated over the course of production and also from prototype development, which has to be protected from external threats. To boost IT infrastructure and data security and relieve the IT department, AMF-Bruns was looking for fully-automated 24/7 monitoring of the entire environment and all connected endpoints, with personal and dependable support coupled with automatic reporting playing an important role when it came to choosing a supplier.

Introducing the Arctic Wolf® Managed Detection & Response solution was an important step for our IT security. It relieves us of a lot of work and provides round-the clock-protection against modern cyberthreats—even outside of business hours. What’s more, Arctic Wolf® can be authorised to isolate faulty systems and send IT management detailed reports, which help us with upcoming certifications.

Dirk Müller, IT Manager, AMF-Bruns GmbH & Co. KG


As AMF-Bruns’ long-time partner and trusted advisor, Bechtle presented Arctic Wolf® along with all required features such as 24/7 networking monitoring and monitoring of all end devices and cloud environments to identify cyberattacks, defend against them and restore operations. Arctic Wolf® Managed Detection and Response (MDR) can keep an eye on Microsoft 365, all endpoints, networks, switches and firewalls as well as analyse the large volume of logs and information generated within the company’s environment. Arctic Wolf® provides this in the form of a concierge service available to customers like AMF-Bruns around the clock. However, AMF-Bruns wanted to first test out the SOC-provider’s Managed Detection and Response solution, which is why Bechtle carried out a proof of concept giving the company 90 days to experience and test it out. Before this could happen, Bechtle rolled out Arctic Wolf® MDR in several steps. The first involved AMF-Bruns installing hardware sensors between the firewall and network to document what’s happening in the system with the IT specialists installing software agents on servers and clients.

In order to perfectly tailor the solution to AMF-Bruns, the company worked with Bechtle and Arctic Wolf® in regular meetings to define specific standard events. The result was that six weeks later, AMF-Bruns’ entire IT environment was secure and being monitored around the clock. Any system anomalies are now escalated to the IT department in under 30 minutes and the system also provides a good overview of all events in the existing security tools and products in the data centre, on end devices and in cloud services. Arctic Wolf® MDR isolates infected devices immediately to stop the spread of malware and data theft. In a final step, Bechtle carried out a white hacking test attack which proved the solution’s immense capabilities. Arctic Wolf® MDR identified the attack immediately and isolated the affected sections to stop the spread of malware and data theft. The data gathered was then analysed, demonstrating that the new Arctic Wolf® MDR solution was up to the task of providing AMF-Bruns with optimum protection and relieving the IT department of security and monitoring work.

Business benefits.

With Arctic Wolf® Managed Detection and Response (MDR), AMF-Bruns now has round-the-clock monitoring of its network, all end devices and cloud environment from Microsoft 365. The solution automatically identifies modern cyberattacks, defends against them and allows AMF-Bruns to quickly restore operations. The IT department no longer has to handle monitoring itself with Arctic Wolf® taking on the work—24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The Bechtle team analyses the Arctic Wolf® findings and offers strategic advice if a threat occurs to add an extra layer of security to the IT environment and protect sensitive corporate data from cyberattacks. Now AMF-Bruns can prove its high security level to partners and certification authorities as Arctic Wolf® doesn’t only fulfil ever-increasing IT security and data protection requirements, but also protects against the risks and costs of a far-reaching security incident.