ZWILLING products and those of its STAUB, Demeyere, Myabi and Ballarini brands are used in millions of kitchens around the world. Each country the company has a presence in has its very own food culture and sales channels and therefore requires specific offers and solutions. The brands are supported by ZWILLING AG’s digital service, which provides all group companies with e-commerce, business intelligence, content management, digital marketing and store applications and solutions. ZWILLING regularly reviews the technology it uses and an audit of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment carried out with Bechtle revealed the potential for expansion. With an optimised AWS environment, ZWILLING wanted to be able to keep up with the increase of online customer enquiries particularly during special offers. With this in mind, the company were looking to make AWS more flexible and affordable yet secure and found it in Bechtle’s expert professional service and AWS Operations Managed Service.

Thanks to Bechtle, we no longer need to worry about our AWS infrastructure. Our AWS cloud environment has been structured in such a way that it is now more efficient and secure than ever before. We also now have the possibility to quickly roll out new services, selectively manage them and scale according to our needs. Seasonal peaks in workloads are now something we don’t worry about as Bechtle manages, monitors and dynamically adapts all our resources in the AWS Cloud. With just one point of contact at Bechtle, communication is much simpler and we can find good system solutions quickly.

Dominik Haug, Product Owner CRM & Engagement Systems/Digital Services, ZWILLING J.A. Henckels AG


Bechtle first analysed the status quo of ZWILLING’S AWS environment during an audit and was able to very quickly resolve the few issues identified. The product database in particular was to be given a performance boost. After purchasing a ZWILLING product, customers can register to join the ZWILLING Culinary World and receive numerous benefits. The registration page has to be available no matter how many visitors it receives and the whole process should be completed as quickly as possible, and so Bechtle implemented a container management service in the AWS Cloud. The AWS orchestration service provisions web applications that automatically receive optimised AWS resources. In addition, Bechtle switched product registration in the background to a database with Amazon Aurora, which manages relational databases with unparalleled high performance and availability at a considerably lower cost than commercial high-end databases.

Amazon Aurora has been specially developed for the cloud and has transformed the ZWILLING product database into a purely AWS service with web applications that seamlessly integrate with each other. ZWILLING J.A. Henckels AG complemented this Bechtle professional service with a Managed Service it can terminate on a monthly basis. Bechtle is now also responsible for complete AWS environment operations including configuration, administration, operations, patching and updating the AWS service and AWS Cloud resources. With this Bechtle Managed Service, support is available between 08:00 and 17:00 while 24×7 monitoring ensures fast response to potential problems. ZWILLING can be sure that all AWS services are secure and stable and that Bechtle keeps a lid on the costs, taking a load of its own IT department as it doesn't have to invest in any more cloud resources.

Business Benefits.

ZWILLING’s product database is now fully based on AWS making scaling and managing peak workloads a breeze. Working closely together with the kitchen utensil company, Bechtle configured and seamlessly integrated all AWS Cloud resources and the cloud environment now runs more securely, stably and efficiently than ever thanks to Bechtle’s Managed Service. ZWILLING J.A. Henckels AG’s digital service can now focus its full attention on business services as operations within the AWS Cloud are now Bechtle’s remit, saving resources and budget thanks to Bechtle’s cost and compliance optimisation.