Acer Projector H5386BDi
Acer Projector H5386BDi

Acer H-Series.

Sit back and enjoy brilliant pictures with a brightness of 5,000 ANSI lumens that deliver vibrant images even in daylight. DynamicBlack intelligently analyses screen content so you experience unbelievable contrasts for particularly vivid visuals. Acer ColorBoost3D delivers true-to-life colours and Acer ColorSafe II prevents colours from fading to maintain high colour fidelity.


Acer Vero PL2520i lumens-brightness-consumer
5,000 lumens brightness.

See crystal-clear, vibrant images from a distance in daylight or medium to large rooms with up to 5,000 lumens of brightness.

High definition.

This projector delivers premium-grade images in razor sharp 720p HD resolution for incredibly lifelike content on a 100-inch screen.

Acer Projector H5386BDi blue-light shield
Acer BlueLightShield™.

Protect your eyes from unnecessary strain by utilising Acer BlueLightShield technology.

Acer LumiSense™.

Acer LumiSense adjusts the image’s brightness and colour saturation based on the content you are viewing.

Acer Projector H5386BDi color-boost-3d
Acer ColorBoost3D™.

Reproduce true-to-life colours and brilliant images with Acer ColorBoost3D technology.

Acer ColorSafe II.

Enjoy consistent, natural colours with ColorSafe II technology which controls dynamic RGB levels to prevent colour decay.

Automatic vertical keystone correction.

Finding the right angle for your presentation is easier with vertical keystone correction that automatically compensates distortion.

Up to 15,000 hours of life.¹

Use this projector as often and as long as you like. With a life of 15,000 hours¹, it’ll be a while before you have to worry about a replacement.

Wireless projection.¹,²

Break free from the clutter of wires with easy wireless projection options and wireless dongle design.¹,²

¹ Specifications may vary depending on model and/or region.

² Additional apps may be required to access wireless projection features.

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