Apple and Jamf.

Unique MDM solutions for Apple devices benefits from long-standing relationship.


With the number of Apple devices increasing, mounting complexity in enterprises and schools, and rising security regulations, the need for a simple automated device management solution is growing accordingly. Jamf offers mobile device management solutions (MDM) exclusively for Apple devices—and not without reason. Apple and Jamf share the same passion for the best user experience, synced mobile devices and security.

Mobile device management (MDM).

Apple is becoming ever more popular with companies and schools and so therefore is the demand for iPhones, iPads, and Macs which then have to be set up, configured, and secured. MDM solutions cover the entire lifecycle management process from start to finish and lets you remotely manage even thousands of devices easily and centrally. Jamf offers management solutions for Apple devices that boast more features, configuration options, and compatibility than other Mac management providers. Users are provided with all resources, apps, and services they need.

App management.

For a long time, employees or IT had to download apps required for work. And then the apps weren’t always configured in the right way to foster productivity. Simple purchase and licence management and integration of the Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager let you purchase and distribute bulk app licences from the App Store. Settings can be pre-configured, app workflows customised, and apps centrally upgraded at any time.



Security is a topic that’s gaining important in companies, because security risks can put important enterprise data at risk. Jamf understands that a company’s security with Apple devices can only ever be as good as its software. Jamf has been designed with a focus on security and naturally enforces all types. Jamf makes sure accounts are protected without a connection to Active Directory. With the aid of Apple encryption, management commands, automated patching and other security features, Jamf protects corporate and user data—without affecting user friendliness.


For SMEs and large enterprises, for IT professionals and for no IT department at all—Jamf fits perfectly into every organisation. Just see for yourself!

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