Apple Care for Business

Service and support from Apple experts.


Because Apple makes the hardware, the operating system and many applications, Apple products are truly integrated systems. And only AppleCare products give you one-stop service and support from Apple experts, so most issues can be resolved in a single call.
AppleCare products provide expert telephone technical support and additional hardware service options from Apple.

AppleCare OS Support.

The IT support you need when deploying macOS, macOS Server, and iOS in your organisation. AppleCare OS Support delivers phone and email support for integration, migration and advanced server operation issues. Whether you have occasional questions or you need assistance on a regular basis, Apple has a plan to fit your requirements. Each plan provides one year of coverage.


Three support levels.

AppleCare OS Support comes in three levels:




Covers up to 10 enterprise‑level incidents and provides four-hour response for high-priority issues (server down), 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. Unused incident support expires after one year. Additional support can be purchased if required. 




Covers an unlimited number of enterprise-level incidents, provides two-hour response for high-priority issues, 12/7, and assigns an AppleCare account manager to your organisation.




Covers an unlimited number of enterprise-level incidents across multiple locations and provides one-hour response for high-priority issues, 24/7. This plan includes an on-site review by an Apple technical support engineer.

AppleCare for Enterprise.

AppleCare for Enterprise offers personalised assistance from experts who can keep your IT operations running smoothly.
AppleCare for Enterprise starts with an AppleCare Account Manager. Your AppleCare Account Manager will help review your IT infrastructure, track issues you may be having and host monthly reviews of your account activity, including both support calls and repairs.
You’ll get IT department–level support by phone or email for all Apple hardware and software. Apple also provides support for complex deployment and integration scenarios, including MDM and Active Directory.
AppleCare for Enterprise provides IT department–level support for six technical contacts you designate. Support is available 24/7 with one-hour response times for top-priority issues.
AppleCare for Enterprise can help reduce the load on your internal help desk by providing technical support for your employees over the phone. Apple will provide technical support for Apple hardware and operating systems; Apple apps, personal accounts or settings.



Benefits at a glance:

  • Monthly activity reviews with your Account Manager.
  • One-hour response time to urgent issues.
  • 24/7 technical support.
  • On-site service for two or three years.
  • Next-business-day device repair or replacement.

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Rafael Griesbaum
Apple Product Manager macOS


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