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User-friendly workplace solutions with the Apple Mac mini.


Things have changed, limits are being broken through. Working from the office, from home, on the go—wherever and whenever. The business idea of tomorrow is today just the germ of an idea in someone’s head. And the race to have the next best idea is on.


But you can’t hope to attract the best employees with the work environment of yesterday. The best employees are looking for the smart tools of the future. The best employees are characterised by openness and curiosity. How can you be sure that these people will want to support your company in the long term?

Why Apple?

Digitalisation has turned our lives on their heads—being connected opens new doors for us. All you need is curiosity. If you’re open to approach things creatively, you can unlock your full potential, whereas if you play things safe for too long, you can end up being left behind.


Apple has long prized new, innovative ideas that unify technology and science. The Mac is the culmination of this long history of development—modern technology married with one of the world’s most advanced operating systems. Hardware and software from a single source.


A multi-award-winning user experience. And all this in an incredibly small, square enclosure. Your employees will love it.

Apple Mac mini. The little power house for your office.

The Mac mini features 8th generation quad-core and 6-core Intel processors. And its custom configuration options make it suited to any workflow. With 2666 MHz DDR4 RAM up to 64 GB, even performance-intensive tasks such as rendering are child’s play. And the Mac can handle multiple virtual machines or large files with ease.


All Mac minis feature super-fast PCIe Flash memory. With the up to 2 TB SSD, you can open your standard applications in seconds and see how it efficiently supports your daily work. Directly at your workstation or combined with your data centre - incredible performance is what sets the Mac mini apart. Get the most out of the little workstation wonder with our bundles.


Because it’s pretty hard to work without a keyboard and mouse. we’ve put together some bundles for you to get you off to a flying start. In the set you’ll receive the Apple Magic Mouse 2 and the Magic Keyboard in Space Grey - matching the Mac mini’s enclosure and dark mode in macOS Mojave.

Security for SMEs.

Over the past few years, Apple has been setting the global standard for the IT sector—including in security. Even the FBI are using features like TouchID and FaceID.


Apple has equipped the Mac mini with a second generation custom Mac processor. The T2 security chip unites several controllers and has a secure Enclave co-processor that forms the basis for the encrypted memory and secure boot features.


Security isn't an afterthought here, it’s a key pillar of the operating system. It's therefore no coincidence that security-sensitive data has been transmitted via end-to-end encryption for quite a while now. All features that are prized in SMEs. The Mac is a secure, innovative and user-friendly platform that forms the perfect foundation for a digital overhaul of your company.

Any port in a storm.

And so you’ll always have a port in a storm, thanks to Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C), the Mac mini features the most powerful and versatile Apple port to date. Connect multiple displays, turn on external eGPU for even more graphics performance and supply your external devices with power too. And so that you’re always ready for any conceivable application, the Mac mini has four of these ultra-modern ports.


There are also two USB 3.0 ports, the new HDMI 2.0 port with even more bandwidth and 10 Gbit Ethernet.


What would you like to connect to your Mac mini?

Configure your own user friendly workplace.

It’s pretty hard to work without a screen. So we’d like to show you some combination options for a modern, user-friendly, and fully-fledged workstation.


For the screen, you can choose between two LG high-resolution 4K and 5K displays with integrated sound systems. But the next generation screen technology isn't just good for getting your creativity flowing. The natural colour gamut with consistent colours and sharp contrasts enables high-detail resolution so you can ensure pixel perfect work.

And so that you can work efficiently and interruption-free we’ll throw in a Jabra Evolve 65t Headset. The world’s first true-wireless headphones are specially developed for professional users, both office and field workers—and are 100% wireless. Pair them with your iPhone or connect them to your Mac with the USB dongle. Thanks to 15 hours’ battery life, passive noise reduction and third generation true wireless technology, you can hold interruption-free conversations all day with no annoying background noise.

Smart financing.

Perhaps you’re interested in our leasing offers in order to stay at the cutting edge of technology while enjoying great conditions. We’ll be happy to give you an individual quote.


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