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The Apple School Manager makes administration, app purchases and provision of learning materials easier.

The Apple School Manager is a simple, web-based portal that lets you setup and manage new accounts for pupils and teachers, buy apps and learning materials, assign Apple devices to mobile device management (MDM), and all that from one place.– Educational institutions that have up till now never used the Volume Purchase Program (VPP) or the Device Enrollment Program (DEP), can create an account for this purpose. Before the registration can be confirmed, a contact person has to first verify the data entered. Schools that already use VPP or DEP can migrate their existing accounts to the new Apple School Manager. When using it for the first time, a setup assistant will walk you through the configuration process.

The Apple School Manager and MDM work together.

The first step is to connect the Apple School Manager with an MDM solution with Bechtle's help if required.– Once connected, the two systems work hand in hand to make it even easier to manage Apple devices at the respective educational building. If certain tasks are to be assigned to other colleagues, this can be done easily with the Apple School Manager (ASM). For example, responsibilities for managing concrete functions and tasks can be delegated to specific teachers. This can be quite convenient in larger educational facilities if certain colleagues are responsible for app purchases or for managing devices.

Create and use managed Apple IDs with the Apple School Manager.

With the Apple School Manager you can also create managed Apple IDs for the entire school. This enables pupils and teachers to have access to certain Apple services, login to iTunes U-Course or save files in the iCloud. If pupils login with the school's managed Apple IDs, the school's IT administrators or teachers with the necessary rights can quickly and easily reset forgotten passwords.

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