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iOS for iPhone in business: 10 reasons.

The best platform for businesses.

iOS is the heart of every iPhone and iPad. Thanks to their advanced features, iOS devices can be easily and securely deployed in a business's IT infrastructure. Powerful apps ensure that users are able to create, communicate and collaborate from anywhere. And they're able to do so on the enormously popular and user-friendly Apple platform.

iOS offers everything a business user needs to perform his best wherever he happens to be. The simple, intuitive user interface, powerful integrated features and the extreme stability of the iOS deliver the foundation for the highest possible productivity.

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10 good reasons that make iOS the best choice for businesses:

1. Outstanding user experience.

The first time someone picks up an iOS device, he immediately knows how to use it. Why? Because the revolutionary multi-touch user interface of the iOS was developed specifically for human touch. The device blends into the background so that the user can devote his full concentration to what he is doing. From the integrated apps to the thousands of apps in the App Store for work. From planning a meeting with Siri to a video conference with FaceTime. Everything is easy, intuitive and familiar.


2. Unique features.

The fully integrated approach in its system design makes its unique features possible. The hardware and software have been made exclusively to work together for a very unique user experience – the user interacts with the content on screen, not the technology. At the touch of a finger, you can share contacts with a colleague near by via AirDrop. Present your ideas to a group using AirPlay to mirror your presentation on a display or over Apple TV. Show external colleagues what you see using FaceTime. Only with iOS.


3. Seamless software updates.

With its integrated approach, iOS delivers excellent support for software updates. Once a software development with new features becomes available, updates are immediately available for all devices, and users and IT departments can immediately benefit from the new functions. All iOS software updates are provided for free, and on the same day, for a great number of supported devices and models.


4. Scalable deployment.

Whether ten or ten thousand devices, company hardware or BYOD devices, IT departments can effortlessly deploy iPhones and iPads in their business. – Employees can easily setup their own iOS devices right after taking them out of the box. They can activate them, configure the basic settings, log in to company services and immediately start working—all without any support from the IT department.


5. Business-level security.

iOS includes advanced security features that let you maintain full control of devices, data and apps at all times. Many of the security features are activated by default and do not require any further configuration. Others are easily setup and seamlessly integrated into the company's infrastructure without any further required action on the part of the users. iOS provides a secure architecture, offers improved data protection and enables seamless access to company networks and files.


6. Total management.

iOS provides all the tools you need to deploy, setup and manage all iOS devices without detracting at all from the user experience. Thanks to iOS and integrated frameworks for 3rd-party MDM solutions (Mobile Device Management), devices are seamlessly managed and IT services such as company e-mail, Wi-Fi, VPN and certificates are effortlessly configured.


7. Integrated innovative apps.

iOS and more and more features and integrated apps make the iPhone and iPad even more powerful and innovative, and ensure that they are even better suited for work. Apps such as Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Reminders and Notes give employees everything they need to work away from the office so that they never miss out on a business opportunity.


8. App Store.

The App Store has standard apps for just about every business task. Apps can be acquired in large quantities and easily deployed throughout the entire company. Users benefit from a positive experience and the IT department can rest assured that all apps from Apple have been properly and thoroughly tested to ensure optimum functionality. That means, everything simply works.


9. Customised B2B apps.

iOS is the perfect platform for the internal development of apps. Apple provides first-class developer resources that businesses can use to create their own apps that stand out from the competition. With custom-developed apps it is possible to automate workflows, securely access company content, develop impressive customer-specific solutions and much more.


10. iCloud.

When it's time to go to work, iCloud is ready. iCloud is integrated in the iWork apps for iOS and OS X. That means, you can start a project on one device in Pages, Numbers or Keynote and then continue where you left off on another device. And with iWork for iCloud Beta, you can now access the iWork apps from even more places. Simply log in to iCloud on a Mac or PC from a browser and that's it! You can immediately create documents or work on existing ones. All changes made are automatically shown in the iWork apps on all of the user's iOS devices.


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