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Efficiency and competitive edge with innovative technologies.


Optimally meeting the requirements of modern employees calls for new possibilities where it no longer matters, when and where we work.

With the right tools, solutions and support we help to create an adaptable employee experience that brings people and technology together to unleash productivity and happiness, wherever work needs to happen.

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Maximum security means maximum focus on your business.

Whether your employees are working in the office or remote—have peace of mind, knowing your data is being protected. Fujitsu delivers solutions for secure and scalable access for all kinds of workers, from general knowledge work to high-performance desktops for data-intensive workloads.

Fujitsu Industrieller Mittelstand

Just the device you need.

Notebooks und Convertibles


Where would you like to work today? In the office or from home? Are you often on trains or planes for business? Not a problem. With our LIFEBOOK notebooks, you can work flexibly from anywhere, any time—with outstanding performance and extraordinary security features and optimised connectivity.

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Break yourself free from what is holding you back! Stop wasting time caused by mundane stuff. You can work anywhere and anytime, completely digitalised: In the office or on the go, seamlessly with the right Tablet devices from Fujitsu. Signing contracts, taking notes, execute your tasks – flexibility has never been that easy.


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Thin Clients

Thin Clients.

Find out more about Fujitsu’s Thin Client portfolio of powerful devices with an optimal mix of industry leading OS and Thin Client device management consoles, ISV protocols and highly flexible hardware options.
Fujitsu provides secure computing and full productivity options for your employees for creating the workplace of the future.

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Fujitsu Industrieller Mittelstand


Time is the ultimate currency in this ever-changing technologically driven world. Engineers and creative professionals today need reliable machines to efficiently work with visual & compute-intensive workloads. Fujitsu CELSIUS workstations provide reliable compute and graphics power to accelerate workflows, eliminate performance bottlenecks and save time, allowing you to focus your creative energy where it matters most. employees can concentrate on what’s truly important.

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Climate change has become a real issue for the world today. Reducing carbon footprint, along with meeting the aggressive business performance remains an ongoing challenge for enterprises. Companies need to look at solutions which help them to meet both these challenges together—care for the environment while building an ecosystem of enhanced business performance. We offer a long lifecycle desktop PC portfolio: From well-equipped conventional tower devices to elegant and flexible Mini PCs and new all-in-one solutions.

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You work a lot every day sitting down and in front of a display and the ergonomics of your workplace are therefore very important to you? At Fujitsu, we know that workplace design today is strongly influenced by the quality and arrangement of displays. Many aspects need to be considered to design an ergonomic and appealing workplace. These range from resolution, number of interfaces, height adjustment to camera and built-in port replicator. Meet the whole range of our FUJTISU displays.

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