HPE Aruba Solutions Retail

Network solutions for retail.

Aruba meets customer requirements with the newest network technologies, while not only providing high network availability but also other exciting use cases for the market. One example is researching buyer behaviour via analysis and hence improving customer satisfaction. You can also use Aruba to centrally manage your locations’ networks.

Is your network ready for the future?

Challenges are a chance.

High customer requirements and the market competition that this induces represent a chance for progress and innovation, which Aruba solves with the most modern technologies:

  • Customers expect a customised and digital shopping experience inside the building and outside of it.
  • There’s no possibility of analysing waves of visitors or gaining information from this.
  • Network security despite customer WLAN
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Aruba’s advantages for retail.

High connection quality for all


Centralised management for all locations


Secure network despite external and IOT devices


Customer information via Analytics.


Aruba application cases in retail.

Ranging from location services such as indoor navigation to highly available and secure customer WLAN, Aruba is one of the industry’s market leaders.


Your requirements:

  • Analysis of buying patterns
  • Stable connection for all customers and employees
  • Central management
  • Unified Infrastructure
  • Security
  • Investment security
HPE Aruba Solutions Retail
HPE Aruba Solutions Retail

Our solution:


  • Analysis of user data to provide individual and contextual support.
  • Analysis and statistics on buyer behaviour—how many walk past certain shops or shelves and how many stop to look.
  • User statistics for optimising advertising:
    Are your advertisements effective?


Location data

  • Location services such as indoor navigation to lead customers to their destinations.

Unified Infrastructure

  • One network for administration and customers.
  • Bluetooth and IoT protocol ZigBee readily integrated.


  • Optimum distribution of system resources.
  • High availability of the network.


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