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Elevate your video collaboration solutions from outstanding to exceptional.

Service-backed reliability.
Logitech Select
Logitech Select.

The all-in-one service plan.

Logitech Select is a comprehensive service plan that your video conferencing solutions are always ready to go when your teams need them with the enterprise-grade service of a provider you know and trust.

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logitech select
logitech software services
Logitech Select features.

24/7 enterprise-grade support

Technical support provided by phone or e-mail within one hour by video collaboration solution experts.


Designated service manager.

A trusted advisor leveraging analyses and dedicated to your individual needs. Available to enterprise customers with Select room plans (50+ rooms).

logitech software services
logitech software services




Advanced RMA.

One-business-day replacement service for Logitech products under warranty. Shipping times may vary due to unforeseen circumstances and country/region.


Instant RMA.

Same-day replacement service for Logitech products under warranty based on onsite spares provided to enterprise customers with Select room plans (50+ rooms).

logitech software services
logitech software services



Remote monitoring, management and usage insights via Sync.

Logitech Sync provides remote monitoring and management of video deployments at scale plus real-time analytics for how users utilise rooms and devices.

ServiceNow workflow integration.

Logitech Sync integrates with ServiceNow. Receive IT tickets and alerts within an existing ServiceNow workflow to streamline device management. Available to enterprise customers who are Sync users.


Product replacement.

Covers all Logitech products in a Select-enabled room without the need for separate, device-specific extended warranty. Products must be under an active warranty when Select licenses are purchased. Maximum age of device at time of replacement is 5 years.

logitech software services
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logitech software services
Warranty extension.

Extend your warranty
to up to 5 years.

Purchasing a warranty extension gives you the peace of mind that your Logitech video conferencing room systems and devices are protected from defects for 5 years after purchase. Add a one-year or three-year extension to the original Logitech manufacturer’s limited two-year warranty.

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Advanced technology and applications.
Logitech Select
Logitech Sync.

Sync – Device management at scale.

Video conferencing device management software to support hybrid workforces.

As the size of your video deployment grows, so does the number of devices you need to manage. Sync works alongside your service provider admin tool to help you build and maintain a video deployment your organisation can depend on.


logitech software services
logitech software services





Configure and update devices.

Remotely adjust settings and push firmware updates to meeting room devices to ensure your deployment is operating at its peak.


Diagnose at a distance.

Identify rooms, devices, and peripherals that need attention so you can resolve problems before they impact a meeting. That means fewer surprises and urgent calls.

logitech software services
logitech software services





Automate with alerts.

Act quickly and minimise downtime. ServiceNow integration and e-mail notifications provide instant alerts about room or device issues.