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Acronis can protect and safely share sensitive data for government agencies of all sizes and any budget.
As a public sector organisation, you have sensitive data that you need to protect and distribute across multiple platforms and networks while adhering to rules and budgetary constraints. Acronis is here to help! Acronis is a world leader in comprehensive data backups and ultra-fast disaster recovery. They also provide innovative system deployment tools, disk management utilities, and secure mobile file sharing solutions that allow your users to access sensitive data from anywhere in the world.


Acronis offers streamlined, efficient solutions that support any system in your environment: virtual machines, physical servers, workstations, databases, and the cloud. Each component has been designed to work as either a standalone product or in combination with each other so you can develop a customised strategy that best fits your organization. This flexibility makes Acronis ideal for complex configurations—including legacy and hybrid environments.


Acronis offers an extensive range of products:

  • Fast virtual machine backup and recovery
  • Complete physical server backup and recovery
  • Searchable database backup and recovery
  • Full desktop/notebook backup and recovery
  • Secure, offsite cloud storage
  • Cost-efficient system deployment and system migration
  • Secure Mobile File Management solutions
  • Secure remote file sharing solutions
  • Efficient disk management utilities
  • Unique Mac-Windows integration software


What's more, Acronis meets the public sector’s unique security and compliance requirements.
These solutions provide, for example, FIPS 140-2-complaint encryption and use CAC/PIV two-factor authentication for accessing company networks.
Acronis also offers comprehensive protection and fast data recovery in the event of catastrophic failures, dramatically improving your Recovery Time Objective.

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