USB-C Monitore von BenQ

Elevate your productivity
with USB-C monitors by BenQ.

BenQ’s Business Line (BL) and Professional Design (PD) series monitors are equipped with a USB-C port to enhance modern workplace productivity.

BL series displays feature an IPS panel and deliver Full HD resolution with a screen size of 61.0 cm (24.0") or 68.6 cm (27.0").

And if Full HD doesn’t cut it for you, the PD series is even sharper, producing crisp Ultra HD on expansive 68.6 cm (27.0") or 81.3 cm (32.0") IPS screens. 

The monitor as your office hub.
Germany’s Stiftung Warentest consumer magazine has put eight USB-C monitors with an 68.6 cm (27") screen size through their paces. The BenQ PD2705U came out on top with an outstanding 1.9 rating!
BenQ Low Blue Light
Increase workplace comfort, productivity and safety.

EyeSafe-certified by TÜV Rheinland, these monitors feature Low Blue Light+, a BenQ eye-care technology that filters harmful blue light to reduce eye strain and exposure to high-energy visible light, which can inhibit sleep when working on a screen late into the evening.

Another feature to enhance workplace productivity and comfort is the monitors’ universal USB-C port to plug in a variety of devices without cluttering up your desk with assorted cables. Instead, you can use a single USB-C cable to connect and power your device.

BenQ TüV Zertifizierung

BenQ USB-C monitor key features at a glance.

USB-C can be found on pretty much all modern devices and adds plenty of benefits to your monitor.

  • A single cable to connect and power your device
  • Lightning-fast data speeds
  • Reversible connectors mean no fiddling around to plug in right
  • More power throughput allows higher resolutions
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