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On premise or in the cloud – Which comes out on top?

In the face of digitalisation, many IT infrastructures are due for a complete overhaul. But is the cloud really the only way to go? A quick look behind the scenes of most businesses shows that a cloud-only strategy is rarely the best choice. Some may be doing away with their on-premise data centres altogether, but the vast majority use the cloud as an extension of their own physical landscape. Going hybrid is the most popular choice—a purpose-built combination of public-cloud services and IT resources on site. But which assets can be migrated to the cloud and which are better left on the ground? How can you successfully orchestrate a hybrid or multi-cloud environment? What steps should you take now?

Read on to find out how you can effectively combine cloud services and your on-premise architecture and make sure you aren’t left behind. 

Has your data centre reached the end of the road?

We tackle this question in our whitepaper and explain how Bechtle plans future-oriented IT infrastructures.


Strategy, strategy, strategy.

A lot of companies already leverage cloud resources, but most do not have a clear strategy for the cloud. As a consequence, there are no checks own shadow IT, with employees tapping into cloud services without the knowledge of the central IT department.  By developing a strategy, you not only make the subject of the cloud an integral part of your business, you also gain a sound understanding of what can really be migrated and what is best run in your own data centre. Take action now and unlock dramatic value from an effective and structured use of cloud and on-premise resources.

Choose the best cloud format.

Before businesses migrate data or applications into the cloud, they should think about which type of cloud is the best. The right combination will make all the difference.

Public Cloud.

Hybrid Cloud.

Private Cloud.

Private Cloud.

The successful path to cloud migration.


Discover the steps you need to take in our whitepaper “Does the cloud spell the end of the data centre?”

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