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Digital education must be designed in a way that benefits all stakeholders. And with homeschooling becoming commonplace, educationalists, learners and parents will no longer get around the issue. The use of modern, digital devices and media is gaining importance and, as a result of this, classroom equipment will also have to move with the times. However, many schools and teachers are often left in the dark when it comes to questions such as:

  • How can modern devices be used to benefit teaching?
  • What equipment do we need?
  • How can we collaborate simply  and with modern technology?
  • Who will ensure the undisrupted use of hardware and software?
  • Who can I turn to if there is a problem?
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Teachers are expected to use modern technologies to enhance the classroom experience and complement analogue media. This will allow students to access knowledge and new learning methods much easier. Thanks to our highly diverse projects to equip schools with digital technology and our membership in Germany’s “Education Alliance” (Bündnis für Bildung), Bechtle has an excellent track record in this sector. We’re offering you a modular portfolio made up of a variety of solutions that ranges from identifying the best equipment for your digital classroom to undisrupted operation. Learn more here!

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Working with Bechtle – your benefits at a glance:

A modular portfolio consisting of a variety of solutions, ranging from consultation and planning to implementation and operation.

Experienced professionals for RFPs in education and education bodies.



Everything from a single source: all major manufacturers, software and hardware.



Our decentralised network of Bechtle system houses and global partnerships mean that you always have a personal contact or expert near you for the support you require.



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Empowering digital education.

More and more teachers are creating digital content to realise new teaching concepts.  In order to implement these properly, they require the right tools and devices. These should be harmonised to benefit class – and ensure that no time is wasted in getting them to work.


This is why we recommend a holistic hardware and software concept that best supports your digital teaching. Our experts are happy to consult you and analyse your existing landscape to provide you with a consistent concept that fits your requirements.

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Secure and efficient information sharing from anywhere.

Digital and location-agnostic schooling is the new standard since the pandemic began. We can provide you with an array of tools that match your requirements and target group, and are happy to help you adopt new technologies for the best classroom experience.


Sharing information and documents is a key aspect of digital education. We have the perfect solutions to make classes participatory, despite the distance.

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Providing for security and data protection.

Digital classes share sensitive data that shouldn’t fall into the wrong hands. Providing the students with the best possible protection is another issue here, which is why IT security and data protection should be included into the planning processes from the get go. Questions that need answering include: Are the devices protected sufficiently? Is the infrastructure secure? Is there certain software that can be used to keep out malicious content? We take all of this into consideration and work with you to design a secure concept and provide an environment that will shield you from any danger.

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Protect devices and block unwanted access.

Modern hardware is the foundation of digital education. But how can you protect your devices in the best possible way, not only from drops and damages, but from security risks, such as hackers? A notebook left lying around in a classroom can easily become a target for attacks. We have the necessary technical solutions to make your work secure.

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Building on a secure and stable network.

A secure and stable network is paramount to ensure undisrupted digital education. Without one, files cannot be shared seamlessly and digital tools will underperform. Connection issues and video or audio glitches can have a very detrimental effect on class, making it extremely important to build a resilient and stable network. Our school specialists can tell you exactly what you have to know so that this doesn’t happen.


We will collaborate with you to build a secure and stable network for your educational institution. We will evaluate your requirements, analyse your status quo, create a network infrastructure blueprint for your premises, and eventually implement your solution. If required, we can even run your network, make sure it stays secure and provide support in the event that something happens.

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ARTICONA – Your specialist for accessories.

Protect your devices.

Bechtle’s home brand is your specialist for accessories. Protecting devices from scratches and drops is especially important in the education sector. We can offer you the right solution for virtually any scenario, including covers (with or without keyboard), screen protectors, chargers and cables, privacy filters and iPad styluses.



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Logitech - helping tools for optimal learning success.

We introduce you to the Logitech equipment you need for effective and successful teaching.

New HP hardware and tools. For a successful future in education!

Help your students succeed today and tomorrow with the right solutions.

iPad in education – at home or at school.

Distance learning is gaining in importance and becoming the new normal. Discover the ultimate device for modern education – the iPad.

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