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The path to digital schooling with Google for Education.

No matter how far your school is on the road to digitalisation, Google for Education and Bechtle are by your side every step of the way towards a digital classroom—from deciding first steps and selecting and effectively leveraging secure, reliable technologies to training teaching staff.


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Optimise education with the perfect classroom tools.

The perfect tools for pupils and teachers – Chromebooks.

Chromebooks are easy-to-manage mobile end devices that are perfect for the digital classroom. They are user-friendly, easy on the budget and can be combined with every teaching platform.


Next-level collaboration with Google Workspace for Education.

Help your school make classes more varied to encourage collaboration and creativity. Thanks to user-friendly tools, teachers and pupils alike can communicate more efficiently and flexibly with each other and thus achieve great success.



Looking for the perfect end devices for your school?
Look no further than Chromebooks.

Chromebooks are notebooks produced by manufacturers including Acer, Lenovo and HP running the Google operating system, Chrome OS. They have been designed for the digital classroom to enable easy and secure interactive teaching and learning from home and at school.

Chromebooks are very versatile and benefit pupils, students, teachers and administrators alike.

They can also be used with the teaching platform of your choice, such as LOGINEO, mebis, IServ, itslearning, Moodle and Office 365/Microsoft Teams. GDPR-compliant use is possible in managed guest sessions.

Chromebooks can be centrally managed with the Chrome Education upgrade, which offers advanced security features. These licences can be bought separately or bundled together with the devices.


Google Chromebook
Eight reasons why Chromebooks are the perfect choice for schools.

Chromebooks can be used with the learning platform of your choice.

Built-in data encryption and individual security settings.

Perfect for classroom and remote learning.

Optimum use of your school budget on affordable devices.


Time-saving device management and 24/7 support.

Intuitive, reliable, user-friendly.

Lightweight, robust device for school bags.

Personalised learning and teaching.

To narrow down the choice of devices, we have worked with Google to divide them into three common use cases in education.

1. Classrooms.

Shared devices for pupils and students.

  • E-mails
  • Google Workspace or browser-based tasks
  • Exercises and tests


2. Remote learning.

At the school or remotely.

Supports several browser tabs, Google Workspace, video conferences with more than 15 participants.


3. Comprehensive use.

Devices for teachers, staff, universities and high schools.

Recommended for compute-intensive tasks such as creating and editing content and editing, coding and running apps in virtualised environments.

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What is DigitalPakt Schule?

The DigitalPakt Schule is a federal programme to support investments into digital educational infrastructure such as the procurement of suitable mobile end devices with the aim of setting up a comprehensive education infrastructure.

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