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First-class protection for your valuable smartphones and tablets.


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Smartphones and tablets in enterprises and organisations are, first and foremost, great investments which have to be both sustainable and protected.

However, every year, around a third of all smartphones and tablets are damaged. Having them repaired or sourcing replacements can take time. Even insured devices can eat up budget when they get damaged as a result of the excess and loss in value.

It makes no difference if it’s a high end or basic device because each one is needed, no matter if that’s at a desk, in tough environments, in schools or hospitals, public services, in the field, on the factory floor or on a production line.

Damage caused by drops can happen in the blink of an eye, but the costs caused by the disruption to work can quickly mount up.


Lower investments, higher ROI.

OtterBox protection solutions are customised to fit a range of well-known manufacturers’ smartphones and tablets such as Apple. Each product undergoes thorough testing and is certified, lightweight, practical, durable and often available in a selection of colours.

Your devices are well protected, day after day. By investing a small amount in accessories, you protect tools, productivity and comfort – just like an otter’s thick coat that keeps it dry no matter what!

Otterbox Solution Schule

OtterBox for education.

Educational institutions re investing every more in mobile, digital learning environments and this includes tablets that can be stored securely. Whether in the classroom, lab or on trips, it only takes a minute for a device to get bent out of shape. 

With OtterBox for iPads, pupils and teachers alike can feel at ease. The cases are robust enough to withstand the school day, elegant enough for each desk and versatile enough to be used anywhere, plus all iPad features can be used with ease.



More information on models, testing and practical use in the classroom can be found in the OtterBox PROTECTING EDUCATION brochure.
Otterbox Solution Betrieb

OtterBox for business.

Mobile devices are becoming increasingly standard in businesses and all-round protection doesn’t only mean in terms of data and access, but also against damage.

That’s why OtterBox offers solutions for all Apple devices – from small and enterprise iPhones to the latest iPads – for the sometimes tough, sometimes upscale and often hectic everyday business life. Find the right OtterBox solution for you 0 from elegant leather smartphone cases to durable iPad cases with built-in stands. 




OtterBox for admin.

Smartphones enable public administration processes to be made more flexible and mobile. Long use and carefully planned investments should not be affected by a lack of physical protection. 

That’s why OtterBox cases for iPhones are ideal. They are sturdy enough for extended use, slim and grippy and are made of top-quality materials. Choose between Symmetry, Clear and Strada depending on use and size.



Otterbox Gesundheitswesen

OtterBox for healthcare.

Medical and healthcare professionals and service providers work more efficiently and are better connected these days with tablets than they were during the good old days of paper records. To provide optimum patient and client care, an iPad can be easily used on the go. OtterBox protects your valuable devices from external damage with certified drop protection ensuring long-term reliability. 

If you often have your iPad in your hand and want to work with it safely in the lab or during patient rounds, Bechtle recommends Latch – a comfortable and well-designed hand strap that is securely attached to the tablet.



Otterbox Solution Propack

OtterBox PROPACK (PP) – Focus on the content, not the packaging.

With OtterBox ProPack (PP), you not only get certified OtterBox Drop+ Protection, but significantly less packaging. Save time and reduce waste.

ProPack (PP) is OtterBox’s promise to protect the environment by reducing the amount of waste caused by packaging.