Seagate Skyhawk

Seagate SkyHawk™ hard drives

for NVR applications.

Smart. Safe. Secure.

Storage experts, Seagate create innovative solutions that make it easy for customers and businesses around the world to securely create, share and store their most important data. Seagate’s highly modern SkyHawk hard drive portfolio is aimed specifically at system operators that record high definition video around the clock, analyse it and set great store by reliable solutions with high bandwidth and computing power for managing data-intensive workloads.

Seagate SkyHawk video-optimised drives…

… are in operation around the clock, every day

… are made for video surveillance, and record video 90% of the time. The other 10% they play back and check data with a workload rate of up to 550 TB/year for 3.5" drives.

… support video streaming of several cameras with zero dropped frames.

… provide multi-bay support and top performance along with tolerance for rotational vibration

… feature highly developed power management functions.

… include integrated SkyHawk Health Management (SHM) with prevention, intervention and recovery options for the active protection of your video storage solution.

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Speicherserie SkyHawk
SkyHawk AI

SkyHawk AI.

The SkyHawk AI was specially designed for AI-based video analysis, supports up to 64 HD cameras and 32 additional AI streams and capacities up to 20 TB. Thanks to ImagePerfect™ AI, there is no frame drop and the enterprise-grade workload rate of 550 TB/year offers high reliability.

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Always-on workloads can use up to 8 TB with drives for DVR and NVR systems. To support you with your biggest challenges, the SkyHawk video hard drives are equipped with an improved ImagePerfect™ and SkyHawk Health Management.

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Prevention. Intervention. Recovery.

SkyHawk Health Management actively helps protect your video storage by focusing on prevention, intervention, and recovery options. SHM supports users in managing hard drive conditions and includes Rescue Data Recovery Services for damages caused by mechanical, accidental or natural disasters.

For this purpose, SHM analyses different parameters relevant for the condition of the drive, while using proprietary algorithms to determine any issues. Based on the result and information on other specifications, such as temperature and humidity, SHM will then recommend different preventive measures and possible interventions depending on current drive health.

RAID RapidRebuild™ is the latest feature and significantly reduces the time needed to perform volume rebuilds. It rebuilds only the failed striped data, then copies over the rest of the unaffected striped data to a spare hard drive. SHM also offers access to industry-leading Rescue Data Recovery Services, so that you don’t have to worry about your data.

 Prävention Intervention Wiederherstellung


SHM monitors operating conditions and recommends preventive measures—e.g. temperature regulation and RV suppression—to guarantee the highest performance.



SHM analyses various internal performance parameters to check the condition of the drive. If a drive is found to be deteriorating, the NVR OS will recommend a backup to guarantee future access to the data.



The Rescue Data Recovery Services included can provide customers with the peace of mind that skilled professionals are working in a highly secured environment on recovering their data.



Seagate’s Rescue Data Recovery Services:

Seagate’s Rescue Data Recovery Services are integrated into every model of the SkyHawk series. They provide a simple and fast recovery process within 15 days to restore data accidentally deleted or corrupted. Seagate has the best success rate in the business.


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