Seagate SSDs

Seagate SSDs.

Solid state drives that grow with you

Seagate SSDs offer the optimum solution for your every requirements, be that for clients or gaming, NAS or enterprise applications: You can rely on Seagate SSDs.


BarraCuda® SSD.
Versatile PC upgrade for speedy applications and efficient multitasking.
Seagate SSDs

BarraCuda Q1 SSD.

Performance boost for PCs—up to 20 times faster than HDD. Seagate® BarraCuda™ Q1 is an internal SATA SSD with the latest QLC NAND technology. A simple upgrade with universal Plug & Play compatibility that’s highly robust with total bytes write (TBW) of up to 280 TB.


Capacities: 960 GB, 480 GB, 240 GB

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BarraCuda Q5 SSD.

Give your PC an upgrade with the Seagate® BarraCuda™ Q5 NVMe SSD and get speed up to 50 time that of traditional HDDs. BarraCuda Q5 with the latest 3D QLC NAND technology and slim M.2-2280 form factor boasts optimal compatibility and simple Plug & Play installation.


Capacities: 2 TB, 1 TB, 500 GB

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FireCuda® SSD.
The best gaming conditions: powerful memory and impressive speeds, high reliability, and large capacities.
Seagate SSDs

FireCuda 530 SSD.

FireCuda® 530 uses the potential of PCIe® Gen4 and features an impressive speed of up to 7,300 MB/s. Transfer rates of this SSD are twice as quick as those of PCIe-Gen3-SSDs and 12 times quicker than SATA SSDs for unlimited gaming.


Capacities: 4 TB, 2 TB, 1 TB, 500 GB

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IronWolf® SSD.
Seagate’s IronWolf SSD NAS Hard Drives provide NAS-specialised storage that’s tough, ready and scalable.
Seagate SSDs

IronWolf 125 SSD.

NAS-optimised Seagate® IronWolf® 125 SSDs deliver powerhouse performance with 24×7, always-on capability and lead the pack in scalability—meeting your needs and budget.


Capacities: 4 TB, 2 TB, 1 TB, 500 GB, 250 GB

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IronWolf 525 SSD.

If you’re ready to make your NAS future-proof, it’s time for IronWolf® 525 SSDs. Specially developed SSDs with premium performance and long lifecycles for environments with multiple users and demanding workloads. With storage capacities of up to 2 TB and reliable round-the-clock access, your scalability and tiering requirements will easily be fulfilled.


Capacities: 2 TB, 1 TB, 500 GB

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Nytro® SSD.
Up to 15 TB capacity developed for quick data centre applications and the best solution for mission-critical business processes.
Seagate SSDs

Nytro 3032 Series.

The Seagate® Nytro® 3032 SAS SSD delivers up to 15 TB in a 2.5" × 15 mm form factor, a 12 Gb/s interface with dual ports for speeds up to 2,200 MB/s, drive monitoring, government-grade encryption, and up to 10 DWPD for fast, scalable, secure performance for demanding enterprise workloads.


Capacities: up to 15 TB

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