What does SUSE do?


SUSE is a global leader in innovative, reliable and secure open source solutions for companies that more than 60 per cent of Fortune 500 companies rely on to run their business-critical workloads. SUSE is specialised in mission-critical Linux, Enterprise Container Management and Edge solutions, collaborating with partners and communities so that customers can innovate wherever they want to—in data centres, the cloud at the edge and beyond.
  SUSE is putting the open back in open source and providing customers with the flexibility to master their challenges, while giving them the freedom to advance their strategies and solutions to meet future requirements. The company employs more than 2,000 people worldwide and is listed on the German stock exchange.


Solutions from the SUSE portfolio.


Business-critical Linux.


  • Accelerate the digital transformation
  • Rapidly instantiate resources
  • Scale enterprise applications
  • Reduce costs and improve operational efficiency


Run SAP solutions.


  •  Fuel business growth and drive operational excellence
  • Deliver SAP services faster and more efficiently
  • Manage mission-critical SAP infrastructures with automation and monitoring


Enterprise Container Management.


  • Deliver innovation to market faster
  • Use the industry’s most innovative cloud-native technologies
  • Manage your enterprise-grade applications faster from core to cloud to edge.



  • The next generation of intelligent edge products
  • Benefit from SUSE’s trademark consistency, performance, reliability and security
  • Leverage the best-possible support for edge computing environments.


SUSE Public Cloud Solutions.


  • Runs on Amazon EC2 or Microsoft Azure
  • Simplify your cloud adoption strategy
  • Embed zero trust security across your cloud-native environment



Bechtle & SUSE.

DIAMOND partnership status for Bechtle.

This year, Bechtle achieved the highest DIAMOND partnership status at SUSE, having 30 certified employees available in its competence centres for consultation
on SLE for SAP, SUMA and Kubernetes and the realisation of customer projects, and the hybrid cloud.




Comparing cloud subscriptions from providers and

your own subscription in the cloud (BYOS) with SUSE.

Can we even compare the two?

Cloud / Managed Service Providers (CSP/MSP) offer a simple way to book virtual machines and servers with the OS included. A price calculator is available for PAYG use and direct pre-booking/reservations to make the costs of switching to the cloud with the provider more transparent. But does it also make it comparable with other options?

Select performance and software, add a service or two and you’ll be shown the price for the virtual machine and server you want, but once you start getting the monthly invoices, you might get a nasty surprise.

Several factors play a role in this. What needs to be paid for? vCPUs or VMs. What is included in the CSP/MSP offer? What other functions are needed? And how is support managed? (levels 1,2,3)

How flexible am I when it comes to migrating workloads with my choice of CSP/MSP? How can I reduce costs? By how much?

Savings of tens of thousands of euros are not unheard of.


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