Application Modernization

Level up productivity with a modernised app landscape.

Tap into the cloud to breeze through the challenges of digitalisation.




Did you know that outdated software can really get in the way of success?

These days, this is happening really fast. One day your apps are ahead of the curve, the next they can no longer keep up. This legacy software quickly becomes a millstone around the neck of your IT, impeding your company’s competitiveness, agility and flexibility. The solution? Modernising your application landscape in agile projects, in which the platform infrastructure, internal software architecture and often business application functionality are reorganised so that they can be efficiently run in the cloud. In our e-book, you’ll discover why this will be an enormous help to your IT department, and the role containers and microservices play in getting your applications up to speed.

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Application modernisation

Discover the full potential of the cloud and gain a competitive edge.

Moving your entire IT into the cloud seems unthinkable? Numerous startups are already doing it by procuring their IT on tap. That’s how they can focus their staff and creativity on developing software and data-driven products and benefit from services such as container orchestrators and DevOps platforms in the cloud. This means e.g. that individual components of a software product can be developed and deployed independently of each other, which is a huge advantage over competitors who rely on conventional, monolithic software architectures.


By modernising applications, you are putting your IT on track to the future.
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How to recognise outdated application landscapes.

The five Rs of application modernisation.

How microservices revolutionise development.

The benefits of DevOps methods.

Exploit the full potential of the cloud!

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Discover the benefits of modernising your applications
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