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STACKIT’s high-performance data centres in Germany and Austria adhere to the strictest EU security standards and are GDPR-compliant. Your STACKIT-hosted data will never leave Europe so it’s always under your control and no-one else’s. A highly effective recovery strategy keeps your data safe even in the event of disruptions through external events such as natural disasters.


STACKIT powers your digital transformation with purpose-designed processes and full cost transparency. 24/7 no-hassles support helps save significant time so you can have all hands on deck to tackle your daily challenges, while taking advantage of efficient cloud computing right out of the gate.


STACKIT is a Schwarz Group solution that is 100% independent from external investors and embedded into a robust economic and political landscape, with everything you need delivered from a single source, including the complete tech stack from the data centre to a managed cloud service.

STACKIT has just the solution you need.


A tailored managed service for every organisation. 
  • Runtimes compute
  • Network
  • Storage
  • Databases
  • Messaging
  • Runtimes container
  • Logging and monitoring


As STACKIT offers both cloud and colocation services, you can easily scale cloud and compute capacities to match your current needs while keeping your assets physically isolated at all times. Symbiotic private and public cloud services mean you can simply choose where you want to shift individual IT services

for complete flexibility and a seamless step-by-step transition into the cloud at your own pace. Simply keep business processes that you want to keep firmly on the ground separate from the ones that are ready for the cloud. This means you can retain full control over your sensitive data while at the same time being able to scale your resources and absorb peak loads. Simply put, STACKIT gives you the best of both worlds so you can stay agile and maximise your competitive edge.



  • Flexible access to your data
  • Needs-based, step-by-step transition into the cloud
  • Keep sensitive and less critical data separate
  • Simply absorb and flexibly manage peak loads
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