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Holistic solution enables intelligent automation. Sensors, gateways, IoT platforms and LoRaWAN in interplay. A success story at Domicil Bern.

When the coronavirus unleashed a wave of digitalisation, educators at Gifhorn’s Albert-Schweitzer primary school suddenly found themselves thrown in the deep end. “Before the virus, we didn’t even have Wi-Fi,” remembers the school’s head teacher, Franziska Mende. Today, both pupils and teachers are excited about the rich learning experience powered by the internet, tablets and digital boards. Here are three lessons gleaned from the school’s successful campaign to go digital.

From the four-legged inspection robot to the future-proof network infrastructure at Toyota – the Bechtle update editorial team proudly presents: Eight highlights of the last twelve months.

From the four-legged inspection robot to the future-proof network infrastructure at Toyota – the Bechtle update editorial team proudly presents: Eight highlights of the last twelve months.

The standardisation and continuous optimisation of processes are two key pillars of the renowned Toyota Production System. Organisations the world over have adopted the car maker’s philosophy, which also serves as a blueprint for Toyota’s own partner landscape. When the IT connectivity between the manufacturer and its dense service and distribution network in Germany was due for an overhaul, Bechtle took the lead of the country-wide project. Despite a tight schedule, the project was a seamless collaboration that resulted in a future-oriented network infrastructure complete with a matching service model.

It can see, hear and walks on uneven ground quickly and independently, avoiding obstacles and helped its inventors to win the Swiss Economic Award 2020. ANYmal is a four-legged inspection robot—the creation of the high-tech company ANYbotics based in Zurich—used predominantly in large industry where the safety of employees is as much a top priority as high productivity. To get its robot up and running, the young company turned to SOLIDWORKS’ broad portfolio of application solutions.

The Graubünden cantonal hospital is south-east Switzerland’s main hospital. A critical healthcare provider for the entire region, the institution has been using a VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) environment for its approximately 1,200 desktop workstations for years. The growing importance of graphics-intensive medical applications provided the eventually led to the decision to back up central provisioning with a high-performance computer infrastructure. With excellent results.

Located in Hanover, the start up Crafting Future has big ideas—a life without plastic waste—and the two founders, Jan Patzer and Can Lewandowski, know how to make it happen. They develop sustainable plastic products for the food, beverage and cosmetics industries. One of the most important tools in their armoury is the 3DEXPERIENCE platform—a cloud-based PLM software solution from SOLIDWORKS—plus the support of Bechtle Group company DPS Software.

When a storage solution is reaching its limits and the entire setup needs a rethink, it’s a good idea to seek out some advice. Especially when IT performance is suffering badly. To strengthen the Esterhazy Group’s IT backbone for the long-term, experts from Bechtle Austria implemented an innovative software-defined storage during ongoing operations.

Around four billion people still have no broadband internet coverage, while at the same time the need for fast and ubiquitous data availability is growing dynamically worldwide. However, because the necessary infrastructures on Earth cannot be expanded at will, the first pioneers are starting are taking off into higher spheres and planning to build powerful networks in the air and in space.

There are strict time frames and strict time frames... Really strict ones. Verging on the impossible. A lot of people would throw in the towel while others pull themselves together, taking communication to a new level and making the impossible possible. It was the latter road that Stoll Automotive and Bechtle decided to take— into the cloud together. No ifs, buts or maybes.

HPC AG’s environmental experts are shaping the future of entire regions as consultants and planners. Located in Harburg, Bavaria and active throughout the world, the engineering company works with both public and private sector customers to develop land, locations and buildings in an environmentally-friendly manner. Through a comprehensive digitalisation strategy, the company is strengthening its competitiveness in key areas and, supported by MODUS Consult and Bechtle Comsoft, is developing the future of application landscapes.

Wir hören und lesen es an vielen Stellen. Die Wissenschaft tritt den Beweis an. Die Praxis zeigt es uns. Und nehmen wir uns eine ruhige Minute, spüren wir es sogar: Führung verändert sich. Warum ist das eigentlich so?

Artificial intelligence is brimming with creative energy—visitors to Baden-Württemberg’s Cube can tell. Part of the German Unity Day 30th anniversary celebrations, the digital art installation Grenzauflösung (roughly, dissolving borders) located in the heart of Potsdam feeds visitors’ imagination as it blurs the lines between reality and art, showcasing the state’s progressive and innovative clout.

Emergency services, particularly firefighters, are getting a significant boost to their capabilities in the form of Fotokite—a drone that collects aerial pictures of the seat of fires using its thermal imaging and standard cameras and transmits exact live images via an ultra-thin cable to the crews on the ground. This doesn’t only significantly simplify the assessment of the situation—it saves lives. The one-of-a-kind system was built with the SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD solution.

On a completely redesigned production line in Affalterbach, South Germany, Mercedes-AMG is building the peerless turbocharged four-cylinder M 139 engine. At the same time, the intelligently networked assembly process is setting the bar for the future of the industry.

Taking an active part in life is one of the overriding aims of the Josefs-Gesellschaft, a Catholic provider of facilities for people with disabilities, retirement homes, and hospitals. With the ban on visitors in many facilities, the Josefs-Gesellschaft suddenly had to deal with new challenges.

Three project days, over 100 experts and around 2,000 working hours. The "Together for Tomorrow" initiative provided 11 small businesses in the region with a boost in digitization and motivation that was urgently needed in difficult times.

Cutting-edge media is having an ever greater influence on the learning and living environments of pupils. But virtually no educational provider is handling the topic as thoroughly as the Schulwerk der Diözese Augsburg (Schools of the diocese of Augsburg).