Managed data centre services – the peace-of-mind solution.

Today, extended IT downtime is serious business. Against the backdrop of increasingly digital customer journeys and the seamless fusion of business processes, not being available to customers, partners or suppliers can have disastrous consequences. And while a server can typically be expected to be a highly reliable piece of hardware, keeping it secure, functional, and low-maintenance is crucial to safeguarding ongoing business operations.


Make sure your IT landscape has what it takes to help your business prosper for a long time to come. Bechtle’s managed data centre service make sure all your physical and virtual servers perform their best at all times.

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Our experts will configure, manage and run your systems on all layers down to the operating system, backed by stringent service levels to guarantee maximum stability and availability for efficient round-the-clock operation of single systems to large server farms to complex high-availability cluster solutions.


Our operation services include ongoing capacity monitoring to make sure your platforms can be scaled and adapted in line with your evolving business needs, while proactive patch management guarantees that your systems are always up to date.


Managed data centre services:

  • Remote operation of on-premise physical and virtual servers
  • Managing downstream support to restore hardware functionality on site
  • Planning and implementing firmware updates to ensure stable operation of on-premise physical servers
  • Planning and implementing OS patches to ensure stable operation of on-premise servers
  • Optimising configurations to safeguard stable operation
  • Standard monthly service reports
  • Regular service review meetings


Optional services:

Operation of customer virtualisation platforms

Operation of customer directory services (MS Active Directory)

During a ramp-up and transition phase, we make sure our data centre services integrate seamlessly with your environment. From analysis to secure remote access to documentation, you can be sure that all your bases are covered with complete transparency from the get go.



The transition phase includes:

  • Project kick-off
  • Provision of a project infrastructure
  • Establishing an interface to the customer environment
  • Acquainting with the customer environment and IT infrastructure
  • Provision of project management tools
  • Coordinating and documenting customer-specific processes
  • Creating an operations handbook
  • Coordinating and documenting standard communications
  • Customer specific knowledge transfer
  • Tests
  • Customer acceptance


An experienced management team with first-hand knowledge of your project is always at your side to ensure your workplace management solution is a success.

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