Basic services – server.

Bechtle’s Installation Centre gives companies the opportunity to have their servers shipped to them pre-configured to their specifications. Our services include DOA testing, BIOS configuration, hardware installation, OS preloads, and much more.


This means you get fully tested servers shipped to your doorstep, all customised to meet your individual needs.

Our server services include:

  • Unboxing and reboxing equipment
  • Optical and technical inspection
  • DOA and 24h stress testing
  • Installation or removal of hardware components
  • Installation of operating systems incl. updates
  • BIOS/firmware updates
  • BIOS configuration
  • RAID configuration
  • Recording of S/Ns, model numbers and installation dates in order checklists or customer-specific documentation

Questions about our server service?

Simply e-mail us at or call us on +49 7132 981-1600. We’re happy to help.