managed installation

Managed installation – we’ll take care of it.

A new notebook, tablet or server is only one side of the coin. The flip side is all the things that need to happen before they can be used in your corporate network. This includes device configuration and testing. After all, you want to give your users tools that work for them, and don’t turn out to be a hard work. However, many IT departments struggle to provide the resources to do so. This means that devices are often idling away on shelves for weeks before they can finally serve their purpose.


Our managed installation services unburden your IT department so they can focus on driving your business while we take care of preparing your servers, PCs, notebooks, peripherals, all-in-ones and tablets. Our services include DOA testing, BIOS configurations, hardware installation, OS preloads, and much more. We’ll even assemble entire racks.



Your benefits:

  • You receive pre-configured and tested hardware you can use out of the box
  • No need to keep your employees waiting for that new piece of hardware
  • Services are invoiced as needed

Questions about our managed installation services?


Simply e-mail us at or call us on +49 7132 981-1600. We’re happy to help.


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Basic services – all-in-one devices (AiO)/tablets.

Your employees receive custom-configured devices they can use right away. 

Basic services – PC and notebook.

Your employees receive pre-configured PCs or notebooks.

Basic services – rack assembly.

Your organisation receives fully or partially configured racks.

Basic services – server.

Your organisation receives pre-configured and pre-tested servers.  

Basic service – DGUV review.

DGUV-compliant safety testing for your electrical equipment.