The best office monitors for different needs.


Whether you work in the office, at home, or anywhere in between, an external monitor can give your performance and workflow a significant boost. More screen real estate not only makes it easier to clearly arrange information on your display, it also enables you to multi-task. Find the best business monitor for you in just a few clicks.

Things to keep in mind when looking for the perfect office monitor.

Whether you’re looking to equip individual remote employees or deck out an entire office with powerful displays, you’ll quickly find yourself spoilt for choice. To make sure you really pick the right model for your needs, there are a few things to watch out for: 

Image quality:

To maximise the use of your existing hardware and minimise eye fatigue, a display’s resolution plays a critical role. We recommend a resolution of at least Full HD 1920 × 1080 pixels with a 16:9 aspect ratio, or even a 4K or 5K monitor, provided the task at hand calls for ultra-high definition.


There’s a whole range of different video ports out there, so before you buy a display, don’t forget to make sure your desktop or laptop and your new monitor click. Besides DisplayPort, HDMI and USB-C are now also popular options.

Monitor type:

A monitor is no longer just a classic flat screen pane. Depending on the job and/or user expectations, you may want to look into curved monitors which offer exceptionally large and ultrawide screens, making them a prime choice for creative design, while your mobile workforce may appreciate a portable monitor that’s easy to take along and still adds a lot of the convenience of a desktop monitor.


Whatever you add to your setup, you should always keep ergonomics in mind. The best business monitors provide a flicker-free image on an anti-glare screen and automatically adjust brightness to ambient lightning. A blue light filter is a relief for users’ eyes, while a height-adjustable stand improves posture.

Energy efficiency:

Especially when you power a large number of devices through the same port, you should keep an eye on the individual devices’ consumption. As a rule of thumb, a large high-resolution display eats more energy than a low-key model. Energy class A designates an energy-efficient device, while class G indicates a significantly higher consumption and should perhaps not be your first choice.

Display size:

For optimal readability and overview, a business monitor should have a display diagonal of at least between 60.96 cm (24") and 68.58 cm (27"). If you go bigger than that, make sure your users really need that much screen real estate for their job.

Stacking up major business display manufacturers.


There are a lot of monitor brands out there, but not all of them are made with business users in mind. We recommend the following manufacturers when you're looking for the best office displays.

Our contender for the best office monitor.

Besides general information before purchasing, it can also help to prepare concrete model recommendations. This is why we have prepared a list of selected office monitors that made a good impression in the business monitor comparison.

The right monitor for the Macbook.


What you should keep in mind:

If you or part of your workforce work with a Macbook by Apple, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of things are differents to for example a Windows PC. The same goes for when you look for the best office monitor. The first step is to determine the Macbook model, as depending on the series or the year it was built, different connections are used. Older Apple devices usually have a Thunderbolt 2 port, while newers ones have a USB-C or even a Thunderbolt 3 port. Furthermore, you should pay attention to the resolution and colour rendering. If you want to retain the high pixel density of the Apple Retina display, you should choose an office desktop with 4K or even 5K. The 10Bit colour rendering of the P3 colour gamut by Apple is only possible without loss of quality via Thunderbolt-3. When buying a monitor for the Macbook, you should therefore make sure that it is supported. 

Curved, UltraWide and integrated docking: Office monitors with special features.
The selection of business monitors is large and the number of possible features is also increasing all the time. This covers a wide range of requirements and fully exploits the potential of office monitors. The most important innovations in the monitor sector include curved models, those with an UltraWide aspect ratio and screens that also function as docking stations. 

Curved monitors.

As mentioned before, a curved monitor is a monitor that is slightly curved. They imitate the natural field of vision, making work much more comfortable for the eyes. At the same time, these office monitors can also help concentration as they cover a large part of the peripheral field of view, reducing distractions. As a business monitor, a curved variant comes into its own especially if you prefer to use only one screen. Here we recommend the product iiyama G-MASTER GB3266QSU-B1. This matt monitor has a display diagonal of 80 centimetres (just under 32 inches), WQHD resolution, HDMI and DisplayPort connections and is height-adjustable. 


If you opt for a so-called UltraWide business monitor, you can expect an aspect ratio between 21:9 and 32:9. This gives you one or even two thirds more screen area than a conventional display. They are particularly suitable as office monitors, as they are optimally designed for multitasking. Here you will not lose the overview even with several programmes open. Since the majority of UltraWide displays are also curved monitors, they are also suitable as stand-alone displays. The Samsung C49G94TSSR has a screen diagonal of 124.2 centimetres (48.9 inches) and an aspect ratio of 32:9. With this monitor, you get not only 4K, but even 5K resolution. The transmission takes place either via HDMI or DisplayPort and is without exception flicker-free.

Monitors with docking station.

If a PC or laptop is used professionally, the need for peripherals usually increases as well. To keep your workplace tidy despite all the cables, an office monitor with an integrated docking station is therefore a good idea. This means that you only need the connection between the computer and the screen, the rest, such as a USB dongle for keyboard and mouse, are plugged directly into the business monitor. This is therefore also an attractive solution for offices with desk sharing. A prime example in this category is the Dell Professional P2722HE monitor. This 68.6 centimetre (27 inch) screen offers HDMI and DisplayPort inputs as well as a USB-C and an Ethernet port. At the same time, it enables the so-called daisy chain function. If you do decide to use more than one office monitor, you can easily connect additional displays to your PC or laptop via this screen. If you are looking for a smaller monitor with a docking station, for example with 60.96 centimetres (24 inches), we recommend the EIZO EV2480. Here you enjoy the same features as with the Dell model, except without the Ethernet port. In return, you get a business monitor with low power consumption.

Accessories for your business monitor.

However, an office monitor alone is sometimes not enough. The suitable accessories enable you to reach your full potential, working remotely or at the office. For business monitors, for example, you will find high-quality webcams at Bechtle. This will make you look great in impressive quality at any meeting. If you have monitors in the office that do not have integrated USB hubs, external docking stations can also be useful. 
The most important accessories however, are monitor mounts. Here you have a choice of several options. In addition to monitor wall mounts, there are also mounts that can be attached to tables. Swivel arms and floor stands may also be of interest to your company. These allow both a certain degree of mobility and flexibility, which can be particularly important for presentations or meetings. Of course, you will also find the matching cables in our online shop, for example to optimally connect the wall mount and PC monitor. 

Recap: Bechtle has the best office monitors


In most cases, external monitors are already part of everyday work for notebook users. You will find the best office monitor if you keep the specific requirements and purchase criteria in mind. We at Bechtle will also be happy to advise you personally: Contact us by phone or email and find the right product for you and your business today.