The advantages of a business notebook.


The best business notebooks are characterized by the fact that they are perfectly adapted to your needs or those of your employees. People in the home office need different models than those who are necessary on construction sites or in production. However, the relevant advantages of business notebooks are overarching, regardless of the different work areas. These include:


  • Location-independent working
  • Lower power consumption than desktop PCs
  • Cabling is only necessary while charging
  • More powerful than tablets
  • Numerous ports for easy expansion

With the right home office laptop, you are perfectly equipped.

When it comes to the home office, several factors are crucial to making everyday work significantly easier. Firstly, the technical conditions should meet the individual requirements of the employees. This means that the home office notebooks should have, for example, sufficient USB inputs or other important connections in addition to an up-to-date operating system. In this way, employees can expand the devices individually. While it is always possible to expand a business notebook with additional screens in the home office, the screen size of the actual device is still important. If you or your employees only work with the business laptop, you should pay special attention to this factor.

If this is exclusively the case on business trips or field service, a diagonal from 20.32 centimeters (8 inches) is already suitable. If you want to make sure that the product is portable, but doesn't strain your eyes even after extensive use, we recommend a size between 25.4 (10 inches) and 28.1 centimeters (15 inches). The weight should also be considered here. If the business notebook is only used stationary, an even bigger screen diagonal is worthwhile. The working memory, computing power, battery life and hard drive space also play an important role.

One of our favorites for the home office is the HP ProBook 430 G8. While users always remain flexible due to the screen size of 33.8 cm (13.3 inches), the Intel Core i5 processor and a working memory of 8 GB RAM ensure optimal performance in the home office. With a battery performance of up to 12.5 hours, productivity is possible anywhere.

You also make a great choice with the Lenovo TP E15 G2. Here you not only get a working memory of 16 GB RAM, but also an SSD with 512 GB storage. Common programs that are needed in the home office will thus run smoothly, while files can be backed up at any time even without the cloud. Due to the screen diagonal of 39.6 cm (15.6 inches), we recommend this business laptop especially when your employees basically work at the same place and thus hardly transport the device, if at all.

Durable devices for your outdoor projects.


Durable devices for your outdoor projects.


The best office laptops under
1000 Euro.

If you are looking for a powerful business laptop for under 1000 Euros to equip your employees, then this is no longer a problem nowadays. There are numerous excellent models with an impressive price-performance ratio. High performance is offered here for little money. Especially for common office tasks, such as text work or consulting, you will find the best business notebooks in this category. Beyond that, models in this price category are generally worthwhile for all people who mainly work web- or browser-based.

We recommend the Fujitsu LIFEBOOK A3510 with Intel Core i5 processor for your company. The price-performance ratio is impressive. The business notebook has 8 GB RAM and an internal memory of 512 GB. Thus, it runs fast and offers enough space for all programs and files. The 39.6 cm (15.6 inch) display ensures that even using it for a longer period of time is comfortable for the eyes.

On the other hand, the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go is also worth a look. This product particularly impresses with its flexibility. Besides the battery life of up to 13 hours, both the weight of just under 1 kilogram and the display size of 31.5 cm (12.4 inches) enable ideal conditions in times of "New Work". The Intel Core i5 processor and 8 GB of working memory also ensure a smooth workflow.

The best business notebooks

for demanding programs.

Does your company employ graphic designers, developers, other employees who work with 3D models or do you belong to one of these groups yourself? Then it's worth investing in particularly powerful business laptops. In order to guarantee that the devices can use the complex programs smoothly, a high computing power, a large working memory and a strong graphics card are crucial. The internal hard drive also needs enough storage space to be able to back up all files. Maximum performance is a must here to ensure efficient work and a smooth workflow.

The manufacturer Lenovo is not known for its powerful business laptops for nothing. The ThinkBook 16p G2 R9 model, for example, is the ideal companion for everyone who works with demanding software on a daily basis. With the display diagonal of 40.6 cm (16 inches), every detail is visible, which is an essential requirement especially for creative people. Both the 32 GB RAM working memory and the built-in SSD with 1 TB ensure maximum performance for every project. The AMD Ryzen 9 processor, on the other hand, calculates all tasks quickly and without delay so that you and your employees can get started right away.

Microsoft also has products for the highest demands in its range. A favorite here is the Surface Laptop 4 with Intel Core i7 processor. In combination with the 32 GB RAM, this business notebook meets all the challenges of your employees. At the same time, you don't have to do without flexibility and mobility here. The screen diagonal of 34.4 cm (13.5 inches), but also the battery life of up to 16.5 hours allow productivity and efficiency at any location.

Durable devices for your outdoor projects.


Durable devices for your outdoor projects.


Hard shell, fast core: rugged business laptops for construction sites and more.

Business notebooks are also becoming increasingly important on construction sites, field service or even in the great outdoors, for example on expeditions. It is crucial here that the technical devices are robust enough to survive shocks or rough weather conditions in addition to reliable performance. Due to rubber covers and waterproof casing, neither construction dust nor splash water can get into the laptop. The device's protection rating gives you detailed information here. IP54 means that the majority of dirt bounces off, while IP67 ensures complete protection. These business laptops can even survive short-term flooding. So unlike the best home office notebooks, the case is more crucial than ever here. Furthermore, the maximum battery life is also important, since power connections are not mandatory, especially for users of these business notebooks. You should make sure that at least 7 hours without a power outlet are possible.

An excellent business laptop for the special conditions of construction sites, for example, is the bluechip B15W41 notebook. Here you not only get a robust case with IP54, but also a strong working memory of 8 GB RAM. The battery lasts up to 8.5 hours, which means an entire workday can be spent without power without any problems. The Intel Core i5 processor works quickly and reliably. The price-performance ratio is outstanding.

The pioneer in this laptop category is the manufacturer Panasonic. With the CF-33 mk2 KBD LTE RF Toughbook you decide for a true all-rounder. Both the working memory of 16 GB RAM and the SSD with 512 GB know how to convince. Furthermore, the battery life of up to 10 hours and the IP65 protection class allow using the device without a power socket anywhere, even on expeditions. This is also a convertible business notebook. The screen, 30.5 cm (12 inches) in size, can be easily detached and used as a kind of tablet. However, your employees still don't have to forgo durability.


Best business laptops through the right accessories.


Once you have found the perfect business notebook for you or your employees, the only thing missing is the right accessories. To extend the efficiency of a laptop, peripheral devices are recommended first. Besides monitors, input devices such as the Logitech Bolt MX keyboard and mouse set also belong to this category. If the connections on the notebook are not sufficient, a docking station can help,

like the ARTICONA USB Hub 3.0 4-Port. While webcams are usually already integrated, headsets or conference systems are essential for the exchange between employees and with customers. For regular business trips, a trolley such as the DICOTA Eco Multi Roller Select is recommended. If you travel to work by bus, train or bicycle, Notebook bags, such as the Lenovo Business Casual series, are also worthwhile.

Conclusion: The best business laptops are only a few clicks away.

Business laptops have long been able to keep up with desktop PCs, allowing you to work flexibly wherever you are. In order to find the best office laptops for you and your company and thus enjoy all the advantages of the devices, it is important to consider the field of activity and the working conditions.