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Marc Budde
Marc Budde
Managing Director
  • Founded in: 1981 (Sündorf GmbH)
  • Joined Bechtle: in 1998
  • Vocational training/academic cooperation: IT systems management assistant, IT systems integration specialist; cooperation with Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences in computer sciences

IT solutions: 

  • Client management, server & storage, networking solutions, virtualisation, IT security, software

Key offering: 

  • Cross-border client management in 180 countries, cross-vendor cloud solutions with data centre sites in Germany, Competence Centres for networking/security and data centre solutions, audit-proof penetration testing in compliance with banking sector regulations, Project management, IT service management, managed services, dedicated team for the banking sector, 24/7 service desk


  • Business Lounge (central meeting point for customers and employees), Customer Interaction Centre (live demonstrations of Cisco, Citrix, Fujitsu, NetApp, VMware and Microsoft solutions, virtualisation and server solutions, presentation of customer-specific use cases)
What employees say:


The Bechtle Systemhaus Rhein-Main has been in existence for 38 years, 30 of which I was able to help shape in various positions. The support of the local colleagues from all areas, the management who always stood behind me, the central functions of Bechtle AG and the associated team spirit, is a guarantee for pleasure in the work and long-term customer loyalty to our system house.


Jörg Lochmann, Teamleiter Vertriebsinnendienst

Nothing is more constant than change in IT - which is exactly what makes it so interesting to work at Bechtle. Mastering new challenges with regard to high customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty in cooperation with powerful employees brings fun and motivation to the job every day.

Andreas Hubert, Teamleiter IT-Services



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Marc Budde, Managing Director Bechtle Darmstadt


Why is Darmstadt an ideal Bechtle location?
Centrally located in the Rhine-Main area, Darmstadt and its surrounding area offer ideal conditions for the further development of a digital pioneering city for Germany and Europe. Here, science, culture, entrepreneurial spirit and diverse industries meet cosmopolitan people with an affinity for technology.


Darmstadt is also a popular destination for university and college graduates in MINT subjects. In addition, there is the high number of research and development employees, the patent intensity, the number of research institutions, creative services and the diverse cultural sector. In its "EU Cluster Panorama" study, the EU Commission sees Darmstadt as a European leader in future technologies. It is therefore still the perfect location for Bechtle.

What distinguishes your local team?
We have an ideal mix of experienced employees with a long Bechtle history and young people with new ideas and visions.

Why is Bechtle Darmstadt an attractive partner for its customers?
Darmstadt is one of the oldest Bechtle locations and has deep roots here over many years.

Where do you see the Bechtle site in Darmstadt in ten years?
As one of the two major Bechtle locations in the Rhine-Main region and a reliable partner for our customers.

What is the biggest challenge in the IT industry?
Keeping pace with the speed of technology topics and being able to advise customers optimally across all fields.

What was the most exciting highlight for Bechtle Darmstadt?
The merger with Bechtle Frankfurt as the Rhine-Main network.

What tasks do you have as Managing Director?
The range of tasks is very broad. My work always focuses on the customer and the satisfaction and performance of my employees.

Why is Bechtle Darmstadt particularly attractive for employees?
Due to its central location, its versatile customers and an exciting working atmosphere, Darmstadt is a sought-after location.

What jobs are you looking for in Darmstadt?

Department heads and consultants in the Data Center, Network, Security and Workplace/End User Computing, Account Managers, Internal Sales Employees, Service Managers, Service Technicians, Sales Consultants...

What do you expect from applicants?
We attach great importance to embodying our Bechtle values: perseverance, reliability, enthusiasm and the down-to-earth attitude of our employees contribute to our success.


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