Sabrina’s journey at Bechtle started in August 2015 with her  dual-study programme at Bechtle Aachen, consisting of traditional training in wholesale and foreign trade and a business administration degree at a university of applied sciences. Even then, she was fascinated by marketing, so it comes as no surprise that she decided to go in that direction during her time as a working student. Since there was no real marketing department in Aachen at that time, Sabrina was able to build and develop the department from scratch. Now, the team plans major vendor campaigns and events.

Since October 2020, Sabrina has been doing her Master’s degree in Business Education and is working at Bechtle parallel to her studies. The flexibility offered and the support from all sides is something that she appreciates about Bechtle. She can decide flexibly on her working hours and arrange her working days individually according to her lecture schedule. She currently works three days a week at Bechtle and, among other things, is responsible for event and campaign planning with manufacturers and maintaining the social media presence of Bechtle Aachen. “The great thing about my job is that I can develop new ideas and freely decide how I approach my projects,” says the 27-year-old. “I’ve yet to face any opposition to my ideas.”

Boredom? No, thanks.

“I’m not the type for a classic office job—I need variety. And I’m glad that at Bechtle I can work on diverse topics that I enjoy,” says Sabrina. Due to the varied tasks in marketing, she is always learning new things and can contribute her knowledge to different projects. “Boredom? On the contrary. Things can get quite tough at times. But a successful project and great results make the effort worthwhile,” says Sabrina.

Her highlight in recent years was taking responsibility for planning a Microsoft Modern Workplace campaign. She was given the confidence to independently lead and take responsibility for the campaign.

Sabrina is no stranger to taking on responsibility. She has been playing football as a central midfielder for 19 years at SV Schwarz-Weiß Huchem-Stammeln. A great pastime and the perfect balance to her job and studies. “After a stressful day, it feels really good to be on the football pitch with the girls. I’ve known most of the players for over ten years. They’re almost like a second family,” she says with a smile.

Recognising and fostering true potential.

Sabrina’s manager saw something in her at the time that she herself was not yet aware of. It was he who prepared the way for her to bring out her potential. “If someone had told me in 2015 that I would end up in marketing six years later and be able to handle so many great tasks on my own, I wouldn't have believed it,” says Sabrina.

This makes her optimistic—especially for the future. Even though Sabrina doesn’t yet know where she will end up after her master's degree in a year’s time. One thing is clear, Bechtle will support her no matter what comes her way. “That’s what’s so great about Aachen: We care about each other. We are a great team and it just gels really well.”

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