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Bechtle IT System House Saarbrücken

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Christian Walter
Managing Director
  • Launch: as branch office Bechtle Mannheim
  • Established: 2022 as an independent IT system house Saarbrücken
  • Over 30 experts at two locations in Saarland
  • Focused on medium-sized businesses, industry and the public sector
  • 360-degree IT partner thanks to Bechtle as the largest expert network in the industry
  • Highest quality standards through in-house bid, project and process management
  • Managed IT Services (from modular to complete IT takeover)
  • Client services incl. refueling and rollout
  • Nationwide training services with own learning platform
  • Server / storage planning and implementation
  • IT security competencies from firewall to outsourced network monitoring
  • Microsoft M365 Consulting
  • Hardware and software procurement


Special offers.

  • Customized service concepts to support your IT needs
  • Experienced IT consulting with modern IT business architecture approach
  • On-site services for IT operational support of our customers
  • Modern Workplace: Consulting and concept development
  • "Think Tank" of experienced IT experts as the basis of our consulting services
  • Support for funding of your IT projects
  • E-commerce platform with individually created shopping carts and approval processes

Christian Walter, Managing Director Bechtle Saarbrücken.

Why is Saarbrücken an ideal Bechtle location?

The Saarland economy is characterized by an ideal sector mix of solid medium-sized businesses and globally active industrial companies. Germany's smallest state and the neighboring regions in Rhineland-Palatinate also have a modern administrative apparatus with which we can profitably contribute our many years of public expertise. Centrally located in the border triangle, Saarland borders on France and Luxembourg. The Francophile culture of the people is strongly characterized by trust and open communication. As "children" of the region, we bring technology and people together at all levels.

What distinguishes your team on site?

In 2015, we made the move to Bechtle with four colleagues who are still on board. In the meantime, we are 34 employees at our location in Saarbrücken. In all this time of growth, the cohesion of the colleagues, the team spirit, and the joint work on our continuous success has been and remains one of our essential building blocks. Today, we are a team that works together as equals across departments and strives every day to bring out the best for our customers.

Why is Bechtle Saarbrücken an attractive partner for customers?

In the merchandise segment, we are extremely efficient thanks to our central logistics and the various warehouses throughout Germany. Our warehouse combines state-of-the-art robotics with highly motivated warehouse staff who ensure that goods reach our customers as quickly as possible, regardless of the delivery location. Service has long since ceased to be about encapsulated IT solutions. With a high degree of dynamism, it's about getting to grips with the customer's IT environment, analyzing and defining processes. From this, we develop a customized concept that takes into account aspects such as data protection, data security, cost-effectiveness and employee acceptance, among others. Our answer to this challenge is a strategic process model with business architects, security experts and an award-winning training center. In addition to our own experts on site, thanks to Bechtle we have access to 3,000 experts in the group to ensure that our customers have the necessary expertise at all times.

What is the biggest challenge facing the IT industry?

I see two points here: The market is developing in the direction of so-called consumption models. This refers to IT usage models as a service with usage-based payment. We have to take this paradigm shift into account without neglecting our traditional business. In times of a persistently acute shortage of skilled workers, we must continue to work on such attractive support models for our customers. The "people" component must once again be placed more at the center of all digitization projects. We see from numerous examples that precisely those who decide on the acceptance and success of digitization are far too little involved in the transformation processes. Current statistics show that SMEs have invested around 25% less in employee training in the past 5 years than in previous years. This is where I see a major challenge for our industry. We need modern and interesting training and development concepts as an answer.

What was the most exciting highlight for Bechtle Saarbrücken?

We have already experienced many highlights in the past few years. One in particular remains in my memory: we received a call from the Saarland Ministry of Labour, Economics and Transport. They were hosting the Federal Conference of Ministers of Transport, and the pandemic was presenting them with a major challenge. The event, which lasted several days, had to be translated from an already meticulously planned face-to-face event into a digital format. In the end, our system house location in Saarbrücken was unceremoniously converted into a digital studio and the ministry moved in with a staff around the minister for three days. In the evening, there was a digital fireside evening with fireplace and catering. All state ministries were sent a typical Saarland lunch package in advance. Camera teams from ARD and SAT1 arrived and had their own media room. In the staff areas, the daily business was completely maintained in parallel. In the end, it was a great success and an unusual experience for each of us.

"Think global, act local" ... the mix of regional system house and access to the capabilities of a major corporation is ideal for our customers.

What employees say.


I was able to contribute, develop and grow freely right from the start. Independent work is very important here and I really appreciate that about our location.

Carina Vogelpoth


The Saarland may remind some people of a small, Gallic village, but it is precisely the closeness and familiarity, combined with a great team, that makes us successful in the long term.

                          Tim Ettel


The personal interaction and togetherness in Saarbrücken is what makes the work so appealing to me time and again.

Julien Lindek

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