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Two out of 12,880

They know exactly what they are doing: Friedrich Bizmer is the head of the product management department at Bechtle Logistik & Service, where he is responsible for Apple, and Carina Kaiser is in charge of Microsoft Surface and HoloLens. The two of them always get the best out of things for their customers.

Friedrich Bizmer

Apple fan, customer whisperer, text-savvy and a visionary.

A neighbour recommended Bechtle to him. It turned out to be just the ticket. Friedrich Bizmer transferred from customer service into the world of business. Not exactly testing new waters, as he was already involved with mobile end devices. And yet, this was a big step for his personal development. Friedrich Bizmer has found, as he says so himself, ultimate satisfaction. He enjoys the diversity of Bechtle, and really appreciates how much he can achieve here, how he can make visions become reality. He’s been at Bechtle since 2016, and in product management since 2017 for Apple, and recently became unit leader.

His colleagues value his extensive knowledge on the Apple product portfolio and especially how he can cut to the chase. Those who seek his advice feel his passion and trust because Friedrich Bizmer shares his knowledge in an understandable, clear and solution-oriented way. This may seem due to the fact that although he is a self-confessed Apple fan, his main focus is really people. And so what he also likes about Bechtle is that “people business” is taken seriously and everything revolves around the customer and their needs.

To the question of what the customer wants from us, he answers “One word—help!” For Friedrich Bizmer, this task entails supporting customers in being the best version of themselves with the right product. He asks questions and helps customers to see new perspectives in order to find the ideal solution in the end. And quite often it's one that no one was reckoning with. For Friedrich Bizmer, closeness to the customer, and even more so interest in the customer, is Bechtle’s most important success factor. Or as he likes to put it: “We do people.” Clear words.


Favourite thing about my job: Praise for my staff and the exchange with sales colleagues.

I love this piece of kit: Apple Watch.

My motto: The only way to do great work is to love what you do.

Something I’m really good at: Inspiring people, convincing people, imitating people.

Bechtle is sustainably successful because: We put people first.

My favourite vacation: San Francisco and Rome – Italy.

I’d drop everything for...: Family, barbeque.

I don’t care for: Arrogance, envy, “stick-in-the-mud mentality”

Sometimes I wish I were: Batman or Tim Cook.

Carina Kaiser

Mastermind, pragmatist, team powerwoman and ready for the metaverse.

Carina Kaiser wanted things to be cut and dried after leaving school, and so in 2018, she became the only person in her class to decide against travelling, or studying and instead kick-started her career in wholesale and foreign trade. After only two years, she had finished her final exam and took her chance at an open position in product management. She felt right at home in this young, vibrant Microsoft Surface team, where the average age is around 25.

What she finds exciting about her job is the dynamic nature of the technological developments that means she doesn’t have the chance to be bored or fall into a dull routine. Carina Kaiser is always on the lookout for new challenges, which she sees as opportunities. Her current challenges are the growing HoloLens industry and the Metaverse. She offers guidance to those who have no experience with mixed reality—i.e. letting them know it’s no longer pie in the sky and Star Wars!— and the added value for the customer.

She is especially impressed with the future-oriented development of the HoloLens 2: Of the CO₂ reductions, because technicians no longer have to fly halfway around the world to repair a machine, to the associated time savings and a quick return on investment—the benefits are obvious to Carina Kaiser. What she particularly likes about her job is the help she can give customers every day. Often, she observes, clients have brilliant ideas but don’t know how to go about implementing them. Offering them an approach and working on the solution step by step is what particularly excites her. Preferably with other colleagues from the Bechtle Group who, like Carina Kaiser, have an appetite for new things and always see challenges as opportunities too.


Favourite thing about my job: Seeing the reactions of my colleagues or clients in a meeting with HoloLens 2.

My motto: “You, yourself, are the creator of your life.” Everyone decides for themselves in which direction life should go.

My Bechtle highlight: Metaverse Meeting with Michael Guschlbauer and my great team.

Something I’m really good at: Motivating and encouraging others because I am an attentive listener.

My source of inspiration: Tijen Onaran #womenpower

If I could I would: Eat infinite amounts of ice cream.

I’m a fan of: Communicative and honest people.

I don’t care for: People who belittle others.

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This post was published on Jun 15, 2022.