Merle Reitz

Every other minute a plane lifts off towards the blue sky. The view from Merle’s office in Bechtle’s state-of-the-art building really is something else, and Frankfurt’s brand-new Gateway Gardens district near the airport is everything you’d expect it to be—modern, well-connected, green.

“The view is a blessing and a curse,” says Merle. The 26-year-old cosmopolitan is dreaming of her next holiday, but she also brings a lot of positive energy to her dream job every day. “We’re a really cool employer. I want more people to see that, and to do my part to make Bechtle the future-first IT partner in the Frankfurt area.

A creative playground for an event and marketing manager.

From monthly newsletters to events and video clips—anything that has an impact on Bechtle Frankfurt’s public image lands her desk. From brainstorming to realising ideas, she’s a valued sounding-board for her colleagues. 

Communication is where Merle thrives; she knew that even back in university. As a business administration student, she was required to do an internship in a company, which in 2019 led her to Bechtle and our HR Marketing department. Merle didn’t have to wait for her second day to say, “I like it here,” so when she was later offered a job as a working student, she jumped at the opportunity. Before long, the next step materialised, and a new position was created just for her.

A stream of opportunities.

“There was a stream of new opportunities that all just fit like a glove, and just like that, six months turned into four years. I didn’t see that coming.”

Despite her endless to-do list, there’s no shortage of fun. “There’s always something happening in our office,” says Merle. That’s why she likes coming in, even when she could easily work at home. She loves the good and inspiring conversations with her colleagues, but also the pleasant environment, including a lounge with billiards, foosball and a Nintendo Switch.

“My ideas meet with open ears, and I get to realise a lot of them.”

The 150 people working at the site get together regularly. There’s the annual kick-off meeting, the summer party with all the families, the Christmas do, and a weekly barbecue on the roof terrace every Friday—winters included. Another office benefit—a professional massage every two weeks.

All these things are “nice to have”, says Merle, but they’re not the reason she enjoys working for Bechtle. “Most of all, I love the many ways you can make a difference and grow, all the exciting projects and the freedoms I enjoy. My ideas meet with open ears, and I get to realise a lot of them.”

Merle has no road map for her career; she’s excited to discover what’s behind the next turn. What she wants the most? “To be creative, to enjoy my freedoms and to have some fun along the way. I really just want to love going to work in the morning. Just like I do now.”

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