Wrede Systemhaus is now Bechtle GmbH.

Wrede Systemhaus GmbH, based in Meschede, Germany, now operates under the name Bechtle GmbH following its planned incorporation into the Bechtle Group. Founded in 1978, the IT service provider saw its sales rise by 8% in a highly successful 2009. In September 2008, Bechtle AG acquired a 100% stake in the company based in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Meschede, Germany, 1 March 2010 — "For our systems house, the decision to merge with Bechtle proved to be the right move. The next logical step, as well as being the desire of the entire team, was therefore to take the Bechtle name as a way of demonstrating that we are part of the group," explains Frank Wrede, Managing Director in Meschede and, as of February 2010, also at the new Bechtle offices in Dortmund. The systems house and its 27 employees generated sales of roughly EUR 8.8 million in 2009. "Despite the harsh economic climate, we were able to post very strong growth rates at our Meschede location last year. This was a remarkable achievement by our staff," says Frank Wrede.


Highly centralised with a distinct local presence.

By being part of Bechtle, the Meschede-based company is able to benefit from the Bechtle Group's efficient purchasing processes and centralised services. Along with logistics and other services, this includes first and foremost the highly specialised expertise involved in Bechtle's IT solutions and central Managed Services units. In the words of Frank Wrede, "since joining the Bechtle Group, we have significantly expanded our service portfolio and are now able to offer our customers all IT operational services from a single source."


Continuing on a path of growth.

Bechtle's Meschede IT systems house sees itself as a professional solutions provider that is able to optimally consolidate the IT and business processes in a company. Its customers include, in particular, SMEs from a wide range of industries, as well as the public sector. According to Frank Wrede, "the decision to merge with Bechtle has allowed us to continue to move forward as part of a strong group and further consolidate our ties with our regional customers." For the Managing Director, the renaming also represents a strong signal from the Bechtle Group that it will continue to expand its regional presence and demonstrates a clear commitment to the city of Meschede. The 39-year-old native of Sauerland has set ambitious goals for the next five years. His aim is to rapidly expand the workforce and significantly boost sales. "By 2015, our goal is to have 50 employees and to generate sales of EUR 15 million."