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Facts & Figures.

How does a vision actually emerge? Who are the stakeholders? How do the processes work? What does an EBT margin of five percent or more actually mean. A look behind the scenes of Vision 2030.

"The art of crafting Bechtle’s Vision 2030."

Visions have multiple stakeholders, including customers, vendor partners and shareholders. In essence, however, it is a company’s employees who transform this envisaged future into reality. Ideally, they identify with the vision’s aims and are involved in creating it.


Consistently visionary.

Bechtle has been consistently setting new goals for itself. We have formulated a forward-facing vision every ten years, starting in 1988. These visions have always been challenging, but we have met each one with astounding accuracy.


Entrepreneurial freedom.

It’s our formula for success. Company visions don’t generally define a target margin. But since when has Bechtle followed the crowd? Moreover, Bechtle has always set quantitative goals. A 5% EBT margin provides security, as it allows us to freely shape and invest in our future.




Dr. Thomas Olemotz, Michael Guschlbauer and Jürgen Schäfer have decisively shaped the Vision 2030. In three interviews, the Bechtle Executive Board members explain the future draft in detail.



Bechtle's employees are the most important player in our Vision. The company is a place where great people accomplish great things. These are some of their stories.


Success Stories.

Customer orientation is the focus of Vision 2030. We work for the success of our customers. Here you will find selected customer stories.