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A strategy workshop for school management teams.

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Planning Essentials is a half-day workshop format with the aim of helping school management teams create tailored project plains for successful implementation of Apple technologies.

The focus of the workshop is on school management teams. Over the course of the session, participants evaluate the status quo of their digital strategy, learn central factors of a sustainable learning environment supported by technology, and create a project plan with clearly defined milestones and task assignment. Participants are also supported by a certified retail partner and an Apple Professional Learning Specialist.

Planning Essentials is aimed at schools that have some experience in teaching with iPads, and would like to take their project to the next level, sustainably.

The workshop is offered for a three-strong management team from your school or local area. The teal should consist of a head teacher, a curriculum director, and an IT administrator.

It is also possible for several school management teams from one school board to take part in the strategy workshop.


Take the opportunity to learn from experts’ experience and design a sustainable iPad project.

  • The workshop lasts around 4 hours.
  • Can be held on your site.
  • Is scheduled around your commitments


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