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5 good reasons for using tablets for mobile learning. 

As an Apple solutions expert in education, Bechtle can offer you general support in conveying knowledge in schools and in optimising educational processes. Apple provides the perfect platform and Bechtle the matching service. Our experts in the various respective fields will work with you to plan and implement your project together. 

The new generation of pupils expect a learning environment that enables a modern mobile lifestyle, integrates digital educational materials, adapts to different learning approaches and fosters teamwork and cooperative learning. This learning environment enables ubiquitous access to 21st-century learning tools and simultaneously lowers the costs for the infrastructure. Pupils can learn wherever their projects take them, whether that be on an excursion, in the school bus, library or at their desk.– 

For decades, Apple has been delivering technologies that make the educators' lives easier and motivate the pupils to learn. Based on insights gained in the field of education and from educational strategies, Apple continues to develop innovative products that enrich the teaching and learning process. Let Apple help you create a learning environment that improves the individual learning experience and gives each pupil the opportunity to recognise and cultivate their own strengths.


Teach and learn in exactly the same way as students live their lives. Today's pupils have grown up with mobile devices. They are an important part of their lives and represent a huge motivating factor for them. And as any educator will tell you: the more motivated a pupil is, the better he or she will perform. 


Technology and education complement one another. If the technology is mobile, educators can bring the technology to the pupil, rather than the other way round. This eliminates the necessity of elaborating schedules for the use of computer labs, as well as the time it takes to get there, of course. 


Learn – anytime, anywhere. Mobile IT solutions let you teach and learn beyond the classroom and traditional class times. Pupils can learn wherever their projects take them. 


A cost-effective solution. Mobile technology requires less of the infrastructure's resources and costs less than a traditional computer lab.


Communication between the teacher and pupils is elevated to a new level. If pupils didn't grasp the lesson in the classroom, they can go over the lesson again at home at their own pace, since the lesson is also available on the tablet. Teacher-pupil interaction is also possible after class.



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