Ready for action - wherever you are.

With Logitech products.


With the increasingly flexible way we work, ensuring workplaces remain productive is more important than ever. Our selection of stylish, versatile products includes wireless mice and intuitive keyboards for the office, smooth video collaboration and seamless presentation control for the conference room, and much more and together, they provide security in the workplace, meeting rooms and home office.

In the office.

Comfort and durability are essential characteristics for peripherals in every day use. After a long day in the office with countless phone calls, you’ll welcome the comfort of a Logitech H570E headset, while the noiseless Logitech M590 Silent Mouse will be appreciated by everyone around you.

We recommend:

H570e Headset, M590 Silent Mouse, K280e Keyboard, BRIO Webcam.

Agile working.

Flexible structures and processes. Individual team members working in a variety of locations: agile working requires office tool solutions to be as adaptable and versatile as the people using them. The Logitech Slim Combo Device Case with detachable backlit keyboard used in combination with an iPad Pro is ideal for all situations—be it a spontaneous presentation in the kitchen or for writing emails on-the-go.

We recommend:

MX Anywhere 2S Mice, C925e Webcam, H650e Headset, Slim Combo Case (iPad Pro).

Home office.

In today’s modern world of work, a growing number of employees have the opportunity to flexibly organise their working day and work from home. There’s no need to forego the latest office standards when working within your own four walls with the Logitech MX Master and Craft Keyboard while the Logitech BRIO Webcam connects you to your colleagues and partners in 4K UHD virtual meeting rooms.

We recommend:

MX Master 2S Mouse, CRAFT Keyboard, MX Sound Loudspeaker, BRIO Webcam.

Small conference room.

Small companies are often reliant on huddle rooms which is where the Logitech Meetup with 120°-field of vision and full HD resolution comes into its own. The K600 Smart TV Keyboard plus the Logitech Spotlight Presenter make every presentation a breeze and the ConferenceCam Connect turns every office into a professional meeting room.

We recommend:

Conference Cam Meetup, K400 Keyboard, R400 Presenter, Conference Cam Connect.

Meeting room.

There’s no avoiding professional PTZ cameras in large conference rooms Logitech’s flagship Rally gives you everything you need from 4K UHD resolution to RightSense technology and considerable features. Logitech Group also continues to impress with its extensive functions and great features.

We recommend:

Rally Webcam, Conference Cam Group, Screen Share Adapter, Spotlight Plus Presenter.


In the boardroom, technology needs to be be functional yet representative, just like the new Logitech Craft Keyboard, the ergonomic MX Master 2S Mouse or the stylish Logitech Spotlight Presenter. Logitech Brio Webcam’s 4K UHD resolution ensures every details is captured.

We recommend:

CRAFT Keyboard, MX Vertical Mouse, Screen Share Adapter, Spotlight Plus Presenter.