Basic service – DGUV review.

In IT, personal safety is just as crucial an issue as personal data. That’s why companies in Germany are legally required to conduct regular DGUV-V3 reviews of their electrical installations.



What is the DGUV-V3 review?

The DGUV-V3 review, as laid down by the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV), is designed to prevent accidents that may be caused or facilitated by improperly maintained electrical equipment and appliances. German companies are required by law to conduct regular DGUV-V3 reviews and document reviews to make sure they’re eligible for insurance.


Most importantly, these reviews must be conducted by a qualified technician who will assess all relevant equipment and evaluate associated risks.



Bechtle’s DGUV review service makes sure companies stay on the safe side.



Our services include:

  • DGUV-V3 review per object
  • Inspection sticker for each object
  • Review protocol on all reviewed objects


Your benefits:

  • No employee disruption during reviews No loss of labour productivity
  • All related administrative tasks taken care of
  • No surprise call-out fees
  • Affordable through integration with assembly and preloading services


DGUV reviews are conducted at Bechtle’s Installation Centre. The date of the inspection is recorded. The validity is prescribed by the individual company guidelines (the operator is responsible for the hazard assessment).


Sie haben Fragen zur Grunddienstleistung von DGUV-Prüfung?

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