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With this assessment, we show the advantages but also the obligations of a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, evaluate the implementation and give you a summary of the current situation including recommendations for risk reduction and optimization.

Added value:

Our Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Assessment gives you the opportunity to get to know the entire agreement in detail with all the rights and obligations it contains.

In this way, we create the basis for your decisions on the choice of contract and give you suggestions to adapt your license management processes in accordance with the contract.

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     Package for contracts with up to 3,000 clients / users. 
     Other quantities on request.

    Use case
    Product description
    Use case
    Use Case Microsoft EA Assessment

    We provide detailed information about the contractual provisions and question the implementation. 

    Microsoft's license terms are complicated. The contract for the procurement of licenses should be aligned with the IT strategy. If the strategy changes or new challenges arise in the company, this almost always has an influence on the licensing requirements.

    A Microsoft Enterprise Agreement covers a period of 3 years and presents license management with major challenges. In addition to the license terms, the Enterprise Agreement prescribes further conditions and at the same time contains advantages that license management must know and exploit. In the assessment, we provide detailed information about the contractual provisions and question the implementation. We attach great importance to the fact that not only the obligations, but also the advantages from the contracts are known to you and accepted.

    The assessment does not refer to the assessment of your license situation, but is purely focused on the contract. Based on your records from license management, we determine whether the relevant processes are in conformity with the contract and whether the participating

    Product description
    Product description Microsoft EA Assessment

    After the order, we will arrange an appointment with you for a personal interview with one of our specialists. In this conversation, we take up the framework conditions and we record the special circumstances for your environment.

    To do this, we ask you some questions - like for example:

    • Which Enterprise Agreement accession agreements do you use?
    • Which products are licensed in the Enterprise Agreement?
    • Which companies are included in the contract?
    • Are there any treaty additions and if, what are they?
    • Are there records of the True Up message or the ordering process
    • Which license management tool do you use?

    We will inform you about which group of people ideally take part in the assessment and which documents you should have with you for this appointment. In the appointment itself, we take your contract documents and talk about the paragraphs that are relevant for the assessment. After explaining the terms of the contract, we will evaluate the implementation with you.

    You will then receive a detailed written summary from us. This result shows the actual situation regarding the implementation of the contractual provisions and points out possible risks and approaches for improvement. We also list in this documentation which potentials from Software Assurance are available to you in your licence portfolio in the Enterprise Agreement.

    Optional On request, we can extend the assessment to a Microsoft License Compliance Check. In contrast to the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Assessment, we focus on the provision and licensing of the individual products. As a result, you will receive a description of the situation for licensing all Microsoft products that you use.

    Obligation to provide – This is how you help us
    • Complete contract documents
    • Contract supplements
    • Records to determine true-up quantities Demarcation of the service package
    Service package definition:

    The Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Assessment does not include verification of license compliance.

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