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Installation SAP S/4HANA.


Software & infrastructure for SAP S/4HANA as Bechtle Service.

Bechtle has a great deal of experience in introducing SAP HANA as the future database technology within our customers’ SAP landscapes. Plus, we’re much more than a capable “software installer”. We know the ins and outs of IT infrastructure. Combined with our extensive knowledge of the SAP ecosystem, this has enabled us to successfully deliver dozens of HANA installations and migrations— both on premise and in hyperscaler-hosted scenarios.


We’ll install your S4/HANA systems on the platform of your choice  so you can tap into the benefits of the new SAP Business Suite in no time. Whether you need a test, sandbox or production system,  once we’re finished, you’ll be ready for modern business processes powered by S4/HANA.

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      Use case
      Product description
      Use case
      Mehrwert von SAP S/4HANA

      Business Case

      S4/HANA is truly simple with its great UX and decomplexified data model. Implementing S4/HANA—an exercise with a 2028 deadline attached to it—is everything but. Once all infrastructural and process-related goals are clear, you’ll have to decide on how you want to get there. Go into the brownfield and build S4/HANA around your legacy SAP data? Or take a greenfield approach, design all new, modern business processes from scratch and maximise the new possibilities and technologies that come with S4/HANA? No matter your field, green or brown, you can count on us to support you all the way.


      If you choose the brownfield approach, this may require an extended ramp-up phase to migrate legacy Business Suite data into S/4HANA. The complexity of such a migration can vary wildly depending on customer and system specifics such as in-house developments, the size of your database, and individual processes. This is not to say that a greenfield project is a walk in the park. After all, you’ll have to re-engineer all your existing processes. Still, your start into S/4HANA will be much simpler. And even more so when you choose Bechtle to be by your side.


      Business Value

      We’ll lay the groundwork to get your new S4/(HANA system up and running in next to no time. You choose the infrastructure or platform. We’ll add experience to the mix to make sure your plan is on rock-solid ground and no money is going where it’s not needed. What you get is a turnkey solution that you can tap into right away.

      Product description
      SAP S/4HANA im Detail

      This is how a S/HANA project unfolds

      Before anything else, you’ll meet face to face with one of our technical experts. to discuss your environment and any specific requirements you have. We’ll also ask you some questions, such as:

      • What infrastructure should the system be installed on?
      • What operating system should be used?
      • What HANA release should be installed?
      • Which SAP products are you planning to use later?
      • How do you want to create system backups?
      • How much data do you expect to have?


      And then you’ll need to satisfy certain technical but also organisational requirements. This includes procuring licences and determining some system meta information (host name, database name, etc.)

      In a second meeting, we’ll install the SAP system. If the installation is to take place on-premise, we may begin by creating and configuring your virtual machines. If you want your system to run in the cloud, you'll need to provide the required VMs and operating systems.


      Then comes the infrastructure KPI test, installation of the HANA database and the application server, and of course all the latest patches for the OS, the HANA database and the SAP system. Then comes the follow-up work (SAP Basis). Technical jobs are planned, users created, and an additional tenant created, if required. Finally, we’ll help you create a backup routine either via backup software or as a backup-to-disk process.

      Implementierung von SAP S/4HANA

      Optional: SAP HANA Workshop

      If you need support in sizing or in designing your infrastructure (certification-related), then we can show you some different options and help you to choose the best way to deploy. We offer a one-day workshop for this which covers the following topics, among others:

      • Deployment options
      • High-availability and disaster recovery
      • Sizing support
      • Backup and recovery


      Don’t see the topic you need? No problem! We can discuss the exact scope of the workshop in a brief meeting before it takes place.



      Things you’ll need to do

      To make sure we can successfully deliver the service described above, there are some thing you’ll need to do:

      • Name suitable contacts to answer technical and organisational questions in the interview.
      • Help us in arranging necessary meetings and provide constructive information along the way
      • Provide a sizing-specific infrastructure to install the SAP system that meets the certification-relevant KPIs (SAP HANA). Ensure sufficient resources are available for the installation.
      • Make sure all required components are properly licensed.
      • Provide an internet connection, installation host and/or management server.


      The following items are not part of the service package

      • Licences for required products (e.g. Linux, SAP, backup software)
      • SAP customisations
      • Installation of more than one additional tenant
      • Provisioning of virtual machines in the public cloud (available as an optional service)
      • Integration of interfaces (apart from backup)
      • More than one SAP system (a single SAP system consisting of a database and application server will be installed)
      SAP Projektmanagement & SAP Managed Service
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      Bechtle Competence Center SAP
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      Bechtle S/4HANA Service Cloud
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