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First Steps in Change Management. 

Initial analyses and developing a change management plan.  

Successfully introducing new technologies requires users to change their behavior. And change can be hard. It's more than just learning how to use it. It's a fundamentally different way of working.

This change is about people

We help you manage the people factor in your IT project.

Make the new technology an experience for your employees and generate the maximum value. Our initial workshop "First Steps in Change Management" offers the optimal introduction to change management in your IT project. We identify the framework for change management in your project and point out suitable best practices for your project. The goal is to ensure the sustainability of your project's success by having your employees accept and efficiently use the new technology. You will not only gain a fundamental understanding of all relevant change management topics, but also an individual approach to your change management plan and a concrete action list for the necessary next steps.

Your benefit:  
  • Fundamental understanding of Change Management.
  • Approach of your individual change management plan.
  • A tangible action list for your next steps.


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    Use case
    Product description
    Use case
    We help you manage the people factor in your IT project.

    You are repositioning your IT or are about to introduce a technology that will have an impact on the daily work of your employees and want to manage this change efficiently.

    Together with you, we analyze the impact of the change on your organization before the start of the (technology) project and derive measures to successfully bring all employees along.

    The workshop is manufacturer- and technology-independent.


    Product description
    This workshop is the first step into your change management project.

    In a preliminary discussion, we agree with you on the group of participants, take note of your expectations and clarify initial questions.

    The workshop is then conducted in one (on-site) or two half-days (remote) by two PROSCI-certified Bechtle consultants with the group of participants determined by you. The workshop is modular and will be customized to your needs.

    Key agenda items are:

    1. Benefits of change management in IT.
    2. Initial analyses.
    • Change Readiness Analysis (analysis of the characteristics of the change and the organization).
    • Group analysis (analysis of the employee groups affected by the change)
    • Evaluation of the identified groups in relation to the change in order to derive measures
    3. Knowledge transfer and identification of possibilities of change management action areas.
    • Communication
    • User adoption/ training
    • Sponsorship
    • coaching
    • Resistance Management. 

    The results of the workshop and the derived recommendations for action will be presented to you in the follow-up.

    First Steps Change Management
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