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Opportunities Workshop.  

Is your business presenting your IT with new challenges? Would you like to make your increasingly complex IT infrastructure more efficient and future-oriented?

The Opportunities Workshop provides you with the fundamental insights you need to develop your business and your IT in the long term and harmonize them with each other.

Your benefit:  
  • Transparency about your IT architecture including external evaluation
  • Paving the way for more efficient IT support of business processes
  • Basis for a translation of current and future business requirements into IT
  • Development of measures to increase IT performance

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    Use case
    Product description
    Use case

    The opportunity workshop provides you with a holistic overview of your IT architecture and information on the maturity of your IT. Based on this information, you will also receive recommendations for action or measures aimed at improving your IT performance.

    Product description
    Your situation IT:

    Applications and IT infrastructures have often grown organically over the years, especially in medium-sized and large companies and administrations. This has resulted in an extensive IT application landscape based on sometimes very different technologies (clients, operating systems, servers, networks, etc.), development paradigms and tools (software development tools).

    With the advent of digital transformation, IT systems offered and implemented are also subject to ever faster development cycles and feature ever more comprehensive functionalities.

    Furthermore, redundancies occur everywhere: in the data architecture and the interfaces, as well as in the functional coverage of the applications and the equipment with technology platforms. Identical functions are covered by too many software tools. Accordingly, the number and complexity of interfaces between applications is found to be out of control. The result is a situation in which the IT application landscape is extremely complex and often contains superfluous functionalities and oversized solutions. Challenges derived from this in your company. 

    Based on the analysis of the current situation, the key challenges facing corporate IT and IT management can therefore be summarized as follows:

    • To modernize the installed IT systems where necessary and thus bring them up to date (through migration concepts), i.e., to carry out strategic planning of the IT architectures
    • manage the increasingly complex IT infrastructure efficiently and
    • meet the simultaneously higher expectations in terms of IT security and service levels.
    Added value of the opportunities workshop for you:

    The main goal should be an adaptable IT infrastructure that ensures reliable and continuous operation and supports existing business processes in the best possible way. A first step in the right direction towards solving the problems mentioned can be targeted IT architecture management and associated consolidation efforts. For this, an integrated view of all relevant aspects of the IT application and system landscape, which also creates a link to the supported business processes, is essential. This is precisely where the "Opportunities Workshop" service comes in.

    Structured interviews designed by Bechtle IT architects on IT systems, IT applications, and relevant IT processes provide you and us with a transparent view of the existing overall IT architecture in the first step. In a second step, the insights gained are then incorporated into the technical analysis and design of optimization measures, which we then provide to you.

    The main added value of the opportunities workshop is that it provides IT management with valuable starting points for strategic planning of the target IT architecture. If you wish to continue working with Bechtle on the basis of the workshop performance and the results, our business architects will work with you to design the target architecture for the infrastructure and application landscape. This lays the initial and important foundation for a holistic collaboration with Bechtle and associated IT modernization projects.

    Opportunities Workshop
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