Company & Culture - Nov 12, 2021

Trainee projects that go the sustainable mile.

Nine months is all it takes to get the Bechtle Public Sector Organisation trainees ready to join the company full-time. The programme let the trainees forge valuable contacts, take on demanding tasks, and undertake practically applicable projects.

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“I’ve always been interested in technical processes, so I found it very appealing to see how tenders in Germany and Spain differed,” says Emiliya Zlatanova about her project assignment. As a Public Sector trainee, she analysed hardware tender processes in both countries with the aim of finding out how to better support Bechtle staff in the Spanish headquarters in achieving their goals. The most challenging aspect was analysing seemingly endless tables and charts, but her overall experience was very positive: “I was never left to do it by myself and I was able to substantially grow my personal and professional network in those few months.”

Stefan Ament is just starting out on his nine-months of traineeship at Bechtle. “There is a large selection for me to choose from,” he says when asked about his project assignment topic. One option is supply chain management, something he’s familiar with from his bachelor dissertation. “I even find the increasing emphasis on sustainability really interesting,” he adds. Arthur Schneider, Head of Sustainability at Bechtle AG and a wealth of other helpful contacts in the Bechtle Group are all on hand to give some pointers and steer him in the right direction, but in the end, the decision comes down to Stefan Ament.

“We place great importance on two values: making sure that the project assignments are practically applicable and that the topics strike a chord with the individuals,” says Manuel Liesenfeld, Head of Public Sector Sales Development Europe. “It’s also crucial for us to get the trainees on board from the very beginning and entrust them with responsibility in their tasks.”

This post was published on Nov 12, 2021.