Franziska Wetzker
Franziska, you’re a research analyst in our public sector division. What exactly is it that you do?

I research information for the public sector sales and innovation team at our Hanover IT system house. In regular meetings, we discuss these information and derive possible sales strategies. I take care of the preparation and follow-up of the meetings, both in terms of content and organization, and thus ensure that the topics find their way into sales.

That sounds interesting. Do you have an example?

Of course, take the Lower Saxony state election in October 2022. I was analysing the parties’ election manifestos and how they stack up against the federal coalition agreement to ultimately inform our own strategy. For instance, one issue the parties are dealing with is sustainability, so I asked myself a couple of questions. How can we contribute to this through digitalisation?  Who should we talk to within our partner ecosystem? How could awareness of the issue change the face of public tenders and how can we make sure that we’re prepared?

Sounds like you’re always on your toes.. How did you actually come to be a research analyst?

I studied political science. Back then I took more of a legal perspective on the digitalisation of public administration. When I was then looking for jobs after university, this one just stood out. I thought it was an opportunity to work on forward issues and make a real contribution, it really spoke to me. I met the team. They’re a pretty cool bunch and a lot of things just clicked.

What motivates you personally? What powers your day?

I never want to stand still. I want to drive innovation. I’m always asking myself questions like how can we level up, what can we do better. I’m out for answers, and I believe our team can find them. A digital town hall benefits everyone. If I can contribute just a little bit to make it happen, that motivates me no end.

How can we level up? What can we do better? I’m out for answers.

Is there anything in particular you’d like to speed up in digitalisation?

There are so many inconspicuous things that, from my perspective, can add up to a huge impact. There’s something I see every day on my way to work. You can have any one-way ticket on your phone, but for a commuter subscription you need a piece of paper. And there are numerous other examples of this kind. If we can’t sort out these small issues, then we really have our work cut out to deliver on the big ones.

Speaking of big, what’s been your biggest achievement so far?

Bechtle was a platinum sponsor for the KommDIGITALE 2022 trade fair for communal digitalisation. I ended up managing and planning our sponsorship. I’d never had that much responsibility, and when everything worked out splendidly—the booth, the evening event, all very real things—I chalked that up as a huge success.