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Bechtle's employees are the most important player in our Vision. The company is a place where great people accomplish great things. These are some of their stories.

Nicole Dörr: Full time. Time out. Part time. Full time.

Nicole Dörr kicks off her Bechtle success story in 1991. Her career begins at a time when the company has some 50 employees. It takes some detours via Freiburg and Stuttgart before, in 2002, it homes back in on Bechtle. Her motto: “Move and the way appears.”



Matthias Drescher: From trainee to MD.

When Matthias Drescher applied for a job at Bechtle, things didn’t really go to plan. But when he found one door shut, he got his foot in another. The start of an exceptional career that reached its latest peak in  June 2016—the former Bechtle trainee takes the helm of Bechtle ÖA direct.


Melanie Schüle: From a career change to a leader.

Achieving goals together, making the impossible possible—these are  qualities that make Melanie Schüle stand out. She joined Bechtle after switching from another industry 18 years ago and she has been Head of Bechtle Clouds since October—an impressive career.


Harald Lorch – More than half a lifetime at Bechtle.

“Back in 1988, when the first vision was published with the goals of an IPO and €100 million revenues by the year 2000, I, like many others, was sceptical”, admits Harald Lorch. He has been with Bechtle from the very start and recently celebrated his 35th anniversary ...




Dr. Thomas Olemotz, Michael Guschlbauer and Jürgen Schäfer have decisively shaped the Vision 2030. In three interviews, the Bechtle Executive Board members explain the future draft in detail.


Success Stories.

Customer orientation is the focus of Vision 2030. Our customers' success is our success. Here you will find selected customer stories.



How does a vision actually emerge? Who are the stakeholders? How do the processes work? A look behind the scenes of Vision 2030.