Dimitri Schneider is no-nonsense and ambitious. He’s one of those people who know exactly what they want. Who set themselves goals, doggedly pursue them and, yes, nearly always achieve them. What is his goal? To take on leadership responsibility at Bechtle.

When he was five years old, Dimitri Schneider and his parents made the move from Kalachi, Russia to Germany, making Baden-Württemberg their second home. It was lucky for Bechtle that they did as today, the 25 year old is working for Bechtle Logistik & Service GmbH in the Complaints Management team and completing a dual-study programme in Business Administration and Commerce with a focus on enterprise resource planning and logistics. Dimitri Schneider and Bechtle’s story starts eight years ago when, in 2013, he began his vocational training as a Warehouse Logistics Expert. Bechtle has now taken him on in the Complaints Management team and while this is a first step on the journey, it’s not the destination. He lives by recognising opportunities and seizing them whenever he can. In parallel to his work at Bechtle, he’s also doing his Technical University Entrance Qualification and completing a dual Bachelor study programme.

After my vocational training, I quickly realised that I enjoy taking on responsibility.

He’s now in his sixth semester and has experienced multiple departments and built an extensive network. What has been the highlight so far? “Difficult to say,” he says reflexively. “Everything I’ve done has helped me learn something new and gain a good overview of the company. At the end of the day, every project has been enriching because I’ve always been able to get to know inspiring people and make new friends.” Of particular inspiration have been his superiors and his personal mentor. “My mentor really helped my to identify my strengths and development areas, and to develop both professionally and personally. It’s all made me into the person I am today.” He has a plan for when he’s finished his studies as well. He wants to stay with Bechtle to pursue his goal of becoming a team lead in Complaints Management. For now though, it’s a case of one step at a time. “At the moment, I’m 100% focussed on my upcoming exams.” We wish him all the best but have no doubt that Dimitri Schneider will achieve his goals.

Optimisation and innovation. These are what motivate Manda Bjelobrk every day. She’s a person who never stops and likes to get her hands dirty.

Manda Bjelobrk is 52 and a Team Coordinator in the small parts warehouse at Bechtle Logistik & Service GmbH. Around 30 years ago, she and her family moved from the former Yugoslavia to Germany, and she’s now been working for Bechtle for about 10 years, starting off as Warehouse Logistics Expert for small parts. “Back then, I was looking for an employer, who would let me develop my potential and who would value my work,” she recalls. “I found exactly that at Bechtle and that hasn’t changed since I’ve been here.” Manda’s work in small parts management is diverse and demands a certain level of responsibility—receiving orders, coordinating them, approving them, checking goods, transferring them and so on. What does Manda enjoy the most? Developing ideas, finding solutions and optimising processes. Ever the optimist, Manda never sees changes as too big or too demanding, as after all, “we always manage somehow.”

Things go wrong. We just have to make sure we learn from them and make sure we don’t make them again.

Her passion and unerring commitment open up new opportunities for responsibility for her. As a Team Coordinator, Manda now heads up a group of 26 staff, who work tirelessly to ensure everything runs smoothly. To do so, she relies on the strong team spirit between her and her colleagues. “I couldn’t do it without my team,” she says proudly. And what happens if someone makes a mistake? “It’s fine. As long as we all learn from it and don’t make it again,” grins Manda. Her motto? Stay positive, even when the stress levels go up. It’s a maxim Klaus Kratz, Member of Management Board knows to appreciate. “Manda Bjelobrk epitomises everything we could wish for—dynamism, reliability and performance coupled with a high demand for quality and innovation.” A match made in heaven for everyone.

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