The Bechtle trainee programme.


Ready for the perfect start to your career?

Join the IT sector as a graduate or career changer, gain hands-on experience, and in twelve months you’ll be trained to deal with whatever the future throws at you.



At a glance.


Get to know Bechtle products and services, grow professionally and personally and network with other departments and trainees across locations. You’ll play an active part in projects and will be gradually introduced to your future tasks. with the aim of optimally preparing you for your desired position at Bechtle.

Start: Beginning of January, April, July or October


Duration: Twelve months

Areas: Sales or Services

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Excellent reasons for joining the trainee programme.

Versatile development offerings for personal and professional development.

Supportive mentoring. 


Build a wide-ranging network
in the Bechtle Group.

Deep dive into
Bechtle’s company structure. 


Optimal preparation for your
job’s future tasks. 


Own projects and
responsibility from the start.


At the beginning of your trainee programme, you’ll jump right in at your chosen Bechtle company with either Sales or Services—with your own tasks and (customer) projects. Each trainee has a mentor to closely guide and onboard them.

  1. In your first module, you’ll get to know the programme and meet the other trainees. You’ll then have an initial meeting with your mentor to discuss your personal trajectory and expectations.
  1. In the four compulsory modules, you will familiarise yourself with the various services and central areas at Bechtle. In addition, you will be in constant contact with experts throughout the Bechtle Group and other trainees, e.g. through monthly network calls.
  1. For personal and professional development, you can attend seminars and training sessions from the Bechtle Academy. Additional measures such as certifications and project work help to advance strategic goals.
  1. After twelve months, you will complete the trainee programme with a final interview with your mentor and a graduation ceremony together with other trainees. Now you are perfectly prepared for your future job: With broad expertise and a diverse network within the Bechtle Group.
What our trainees say.
Zitat Luisa Bruschinsky


Right from the start I was able to build a network within the Bechtle Group that I’m still benefiting from today. Without the trainee programme, I wouldn’t have been able to progress so quickly.

Luisa Bruschinsky, Business Consultant, Bechtle Darmstadt (2019/2020 trainee)

Zitat Sören Schmitz


All of the job-related training sessions really helped me to get into the complex world of IT topics. My mentor was also always there to provide support.

Sören Schmitz, Account Manager, Bechtle Solingen (2021 trainee)

Zitat Laura Huth


Right from the beginning of my time as a trainee, I was able to take on lots of responsibility and become involved in complex and fascinating topics such as open source.

Laura Huth, Tender Manager, Bechtle Systemhaus Holding AG (2021 trainee)

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Sylvia Breßler-Rüger

Sylvia Breßler-Rüger 

Phone: +49 7132 981-4321


Lederer, Maren
Maren Lederer

Trainee Programme
Phone: +49 7132 981-4645

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